Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone [Meanings, Properties, Benefits]

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What Is Black Moonstone?

Black moonstone, characterized by its deep, lustrous black hue, occurs naturally and can be unearthed in various locations worldwide, including India and Burma. This mineral possesses potent metaphysical properties, serving as a shield against negative influences while fostering inner growth.

Black Moonstone
  • Protective Qualities:
    • Beyond Protection: This moonstone offers more than just protective qualities.
    • Additional Attributes: Effective in emotional balance, intuition enhancement, and clear thinking.
  • Spiritual Development and Connection:
    • Higher Self Connection: Believed to facilitate a connection with the higher self.
    • Nurturing Spiritual Development: Supports and nurtures spiritual development.
  • Meditation and Dream Work:
    • Aid in Meditation: Valuable aid in meditation and dream work.
    • Sense of Peace and Receptivity: Instills a sense of peace and receptivity during these practices.
  • Dark Moon and Dark Goddess Energy:
    • Unique Energy Embodiment: Uniquely embodies the energy associated with the Dark Moon and the Dark Goddess.
    • Color and Schiller Effect: Inky black color with the optical phenomenon known as the Schiller Effect, radiating a subtle glow in light.
  • Subconscious Exploration and Shadow Work:
    • Proficiency in Subconscious Delving: Stands out for its proficiency in exploring the subconscious.
    • Facilitating Shadow Work: Particularly recommended for shadow work, helping individuals delve into their subconscious aspects.
  • Healing for Feminists:
    • Tool for Feminists: Considered a tool for healing wounds inflicted by toxic patriarchal systems.
    • Empowerment and Healing: Supports feminists in their journey of empowerment and healing.
  • Metaphysical Prowess and Personal Growth:
    • Rich Color and Metaphysical Attributes: The distinctive gem possesses a rich color and metaphysical prowess.
    • Invitation to Explore Inner Depths: Invites individuals to explore the depths of their inner selves.
    • Navigation of Personal Growth and Healing: Aids in navigating the complexities of personal growth and healing.


  • Ancient Use in Jewelry:
    • Egypt, Greece, and Rome: This moonstone has been in use since ancient times.
    • Found in Jewelry Pieces: Earliest examples found in jewelry pieces from Egypt, Greece, and Rome.
  • Cultural Use in Rituals and Divination:
    • Various Cultures: Used in various cultures for mystical properties during rituals and divination practices.
    • Historical Significance: Holds historical significance in the context of rituals and divination.
  • Medieval Europe:
    • Association with Protection: In medieval Europe, black moonstone became associated with protection against sorcery.
    • Magical Beliefs: Considered a protective mineral with magical properties during this period.
  • Beliefs in India:
    • Good Luck and Fortune: In India, believed to offer good luck and fortune to those who carried it.
    • Positive Attributes: Associated with positive beliefs and considered auspicious.
  • Modern Beliefs and Popularity Decline:
    • Clarity and Negative Energy Warding: Some modern beliefs include its ability to bring clarity to emotions or ward off negative energy.
    • Popularity Decline: Experienced a decline in popularity when new forms of quartz emerged in the market.
  • Transformation Over Time:
    • Adaptation and Relevance: Despite fluctuations in popularity, the use and beliefs around black moonstone have transformed over time.
    • Continued Interest: Continues to capture interest for its historical significance and unique properties.


If you find yourself navigating a breakup or facing challenges in a close relationship, we highly recommend keeping this Moonstone with you at all times. During times of stress with someone you share a history or life experiences with, the natural tendency is to lower one’s guard due to the love and connection shared. Witnessing a loved one in distress triggers our innate human instinct to assist, potentially making us vulnerable to their toxic energy. Carrying this Moonstone in such situations allows you to maintain an open heart while safeguarding against the negative emotional impact of their energy.

  • Exclusive Source:
    • Origin: Exclusively sourced from Madagascar.
    • Renowned Region: Madagascar is globally renowned for its exquisite crystals.
  • Distinctive Appearance:
    • Mistaken Identity: Often mistaken for Labradorite due to its distinctive appearance.
    • Dark Allure: This Moonstone captivates with its dark allure.
    • Flashes and Patterns: Adorned with flashes of silver-grey and captivating patterns in creamy hues.
  • Mineral Classification:
    • Feldspar Mineral: Classified as a feldspar mineral.
    • Silicates Family: Belongs to the silicates family.
  • Fusion of Feldspar Species:
    • Orthoclase and Albite Fusion:This Moonstone is a fusion of two feldspar species, orthoclase and albite.
    • Seamless Intermingling: The two feldspar species are seamlessly intermingled.
  • Rarity and Shapes:
    • Rarity: Considered rare compared to other stones.
    • Various Shapes: Despite its rarity, available in various shapes such as spheres, tumbled stones, and raw, natural forms.
Black Moonstone
NameBlack Moonstone
CompositionA variety of orthoclase feldspar, a potassium aluminum silicate, with adularescence caused by light scattering from microscopic inclusions.
ColorBlack or dark gray with a blue or silver sheen (adularescence).
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
Hardness6 – 6.5 on the Mohs scale
CleavagePerfect in one direction
Specific Gravity2.56 – 2.58
OccurrenceFound in various locations, including India, Madagascar, and the United States.
UsesGemstone Use: Cut into cabochons for use in jewelry.
Ornamental Use: Carved into beads, figurines, and decorative items.
Metaphysical Beliefs: Associated with intuition, emotional balance, and new beginnings.



This Moonstone is a variety of feldspar known for its black or dark gray color with a distinctive blue or silver sheen known as adularescence. It is often used in jewelry, especially as cabochons, and is associated with metaphysical properties related to intuition, emotional balance, and new beginnings. Specific details about this Moonstone may vary, and consulting reputable sources is advisable for comprehensive information.

Uses and Benefits:

This moonstones can be used to create a wide range of jewelry designs, including necklaces, earrings, and pendants as well as rings. When set in gold or silver settings, it appears especially striking; some pieces even combine multiple colored stones for a visually arresting effect.

Physical properties of this moonstones, including their hardness, transparency, reflectivity, electrical conductivity, and chemical makeup, have been investigated by researchers. Additionally, this specific variety of moonstone is well-liked by people who want to connect with their inner selves because it is thought to have spiritual healing properties.

Physical Benefits:

The healing qualities of this moonstone help the wearer maintain physical and organ health as well as energy balance. These benefits allow the wearer to carry out daily activities with ease.

Body SystemEffects
Digestive System– Releases powerful vibrations that strengthen the spleen and stomach. – Assists in the proper regulation of functions. – Helps alleviate and prevent acid reflux.
Reproduction– Radiates a soothing and nurturing vibration. – Strengthens the female reproductive system. – Assists in fertility. – Supports the reproductive process from conception to birth.
Female Health– Harnesses feminine energy and calm resonance. – Helps regulate the menstrual cycle. – Assists during menopause. – Alleviates painful symptoms.
Endocrine System– Gives off soft energies that help balance and regulate hormone distribution.
Energy– Calming energy that stabilizes and relieves hyperactivity.
Organs– Emits mighty energy that strengthens the Kidneys and Liver. – Improves organ functions.
Neurological– Positive vibration regulates energy distribution in nerves. – Improves relay of information and body coordination.
Memory– Radiates resonance that energizes synapses and neurons. – Improves recall and retention of information. – Aids in preventing and alleviating conditions like Parkinson’s disease and memory lapses.
Protection– Emits potent energy that protects against pollution.
Recovery– Soothing and nurturing energy aids in recovery from diseases developed due to stress.
Electronic Smog– Powerful vibration acts as an electromagnetic antidote. – Shields against harmful energy from microwaves, infrared, radar, and prevents damage from X-rays.

Emotional Benefits:

This moonstone has a calming energy that balances and quiets the mind while fostering fortitude and inner fortitude.

It is also claimed to have protective, grounding, and healing characteristics, and to be beneficial to those going through challenging times. Additionally, it has therapeutic qualities that heal the emotional body.

Emotional BenefitEffects of Moonstone
Protection– Emits powerful energy creating a strong electromagnetic field. – Shields against negative energy.
Joy– Healing properties promote new beginnings. – Attracts positive thinking and new opportunities.
Acceptance– Soothing vibration aids in letting go of trapped negative emotions. – Releases old emotional baggage and conflict. – Facilitates moving on and forward.
Relationships– Powerful energy helps release negative and toxic relationship attachments. – Enables balancing energy exchange and letting go of dependency.
Empathy– Emits positive energy fostering self-understanding and compassion. – Facilitates learning from painful experiences.
Inner Peace– Calming and nurturing energy bestows inner peace.
Insight– Soft energy brings realization of lessons and understanding from painful experiences. – Recognizes the meaning of life.
Balance– Creates and helps in obtaining emotional balance. – Stabilizes emotional needs and drives. – Enables alignment with divine purpose.
Stability– Mild vibration regulates emotional energy. – Removes emotional distress and releases toxic emotions.
Self Care– Nurturing energy encourages self-care. – Removes feelings of abandonment.
Stress– Emits great energy that removes worries, mental pressure, and unwanted thoughts.
Anxiety– Heals the mind with a soothing vibration. – Removes unwanted pervasive thoughts. – Calms the individual.
Envy– Shields against psychic attacks, hexes, curses, and envy from others.
Self-Confidence– Positive resonance clears negative thoughts about oneself. – Builds trust in one’s abilities and talents.

Metaphysical Properties:

Strong energy and metaphysical healing qualities found in black moonstone protect the etheric body and facilitate kundalini activation, spiritual development, and growth.

Black Moonstone
Metaphysical PropertyEffects of Moonstone
Spiritual Development– Assists in spiritual growth. – Activates psychic abilities. – Aids in psychic development. – Enhances spiritual awareness and development.
Kundalini Activation– Connects to universal energy. – Opens and activates kundalini energy. – Heightens spiritual awareness and enlightenment.
Astral Travel– Assists in astral projection. – Facilitates spiritual journeys in higher realms.
Communication– Harnesses wind energy for higher frequency communication aerials. – Strengthens transmission of information and messages.
Intuition– Strengthens gut instinct. – Deepens knowledge of self, surroundings, and past situations.
Protection– Shields etheric and physical body from negative energy. – Stops psychic attacks. – Provides psychic protection and maintains spiritual purity.
Psychic Ability– Assists in psychic development. – Develops psychic gifts such as mind reading, intuition, and astral travel.
Energy– Harnesses powerful wind vibration. – Intensifies feminine energy. – Brings out the feminine side. – Nurtures and enhances understanding of nature. – Beneficial to the divine feminine.


chakra for Black Moonstone
  • Third-Eye Chakra:
    • Intuition Enhancement: This moonstone resonates with the third eye chakra.
    • Heightened Intuition: Enhances intuition and the ability to see beyond facades.
    • Better Decision-Making: Facilitates better decision-making based on heightened awareness.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra:
    • Confidence Amplification: Connecting to the navel chakra amplifies confidence.
    • Sense of Control: Creates a sense of being in control of one’s life.
    • Embracing Challenges: Enables the individual to take on new challenges and opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Crown Chakra:
    • Spiritual Connection: Resonating with the crown chakra strengthens the connection to spirituality.
    • Uninterrupted Spiritual Alignment: Enables a stronger and uninterrupted connection to spiritual realms.
    • Continued Spiritual Growth: Supports ongoing spiritual alignment and growth.
  • Throat Chakra:
    • Balance and Expression: This moonstone balances the throat chakra.
    • Speaking Truth: Helps the person speak their truth and express their authentic self.
    • Facilitates Clear Communication: Supports clear and authentic communication.
  • Alta Major Chakra:
    • Integration of Experiences: Resonates with Alta major chakra.
    • Aligns with Divine Purpose: Helps integrate all experiences and align with true divine purpose.
  • Causal Chakra:
    • Balancing and Aligning: This moonstone helps balance and align the causal vortex or past life chakras.
    • Exploration of Spiritual Realms: Its energy enables exploration of spiritual realms and higher consciousness.
    • Realizing Divine Life’s Purpose: Supports the realization of the ultimate divine life’s purpose.
  • Root Chakra:
    • Balancing for Security: Balancing the root chakra helps the person feel safe and secure.
    • Courage in Facing Challenges: Enables facing life’s challenges courageously.
    • Foundation of Security: Establishes a foundation of security for the individual.

Zodiac Sign:

  • Unique Variety of Moonstone:
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: This Moonstone is a unique variety with distinct characteristics.
    • Special Meanings and Properties: Associated with special meanings and unique properties.
  • Zodiac Birthstone Associations:
    • Related Zodiac Signs: Most closely related to Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces signs.
    • Stability and Protection: Offers stability and protection for individuals born under these signs.
    • Promotes Fertility: Promotes fertility in various aspects of life for the associated zodiac signs.
  • Universal Benefits:
    • Peace and Balance: Provides peace and balance to any individual working with it.
    • Calming Energies: Energies are calming yet energizing.
    • Clarity of Thought: Helps promote clarity of thought.
    • Encourages Inner Reflection: Encourages inner reflection for personal growth.
  • Emotional Reset and Direction:
    • Useful for an Emotional Reset: Beneficial for those seeking an emotional reset.
    • Aid in Finding Direction: Helpful for individuals needing assistance in finding direction.
    • Journey Toward Alignment and Growth: Supports the journey toward alignment and personal growth.

Crystal Combinations:

To improve the healing and spiritual qualities of other crystals, this moonstone is frequently combined with them. The following are the top crystals that are said to go especially well with black moonstone:

Black Moonstone
Crystal CombinationEffects of Combination with Moonstone
Tanzania Black Tourmaline– Grounding and protective. – Releases negativity. – Promotes calm and balance.
Lake Superior Hematite– Grounding and balancing. – Aids with focus and clarity.
Yemen Black Onyx– Protective and grounding. – Assists decision-making. – Promotes feelings of strength and resilience.
Spain Jet– Grounding and protective. – Releases negativity. – Promotes calm and balance.
Scotland Smoky Quartz– Grounding and protective. – Dissolves negativity. – Promotes calm and balance.


Sri Lanka
United States

How To Charge and Clean?

The moonstone’s energy can be restored by placing it in direct sunlight or by leaving it under a full or new moon for an entire night.

Its energy can be purified by setting it next to a clear quartz or selenite piece. Put it in a bowl of rice as well. or with a sage smudger. You can also invigorate the stone by ringing a bell or singing bowl nearby.

Cleansing and Charging MethodEffect on Moonstone
Sunlight/Full Moon Exposure– Replenishes energies.
Selenite or Clear Quartz Placement– Purifies energy. – Enhances clarity and cleansing.
Sage Smudging– Immediately removes negative energies. – Requires proper ventilation to allow negative energies to leave the space.
Ringing a Bell or Singing Bowl– Energizes the stone through sound vibrations. – Play for about 10 minutes to charge the crystals.
Brown Rice Method– Safely removes negative energy. – Stones should be buried in brown rice for 24 hours. – Dispose of the rice afterward as it absorbs negativity. – Use a soft brush to remove dust from the stones after the process.
Charging Stones with Other Crystals– Safely charges crystals when placed with stones like Selenite, Amethyst, or Quartz. – Leave them for at least 24 hours.


This Moonstone is a powerful crystal, offering protection and support during emotional challenges. It keeps the heart open while guarding against toxic energies. Embracing the Moonstone brings strength and protection in life’s complexities, serving as a transformative ally in emotional well-being.


  1. What is Black Moonstone?
    • This Moonstone is a type of feldspar mineral known for its striking dark coloration with unique adularescence, creating a captivating play of light on its surface. It is often used in jewelry and metaphysical practices.
  2. How is Black Moonstone formed?
    • This Moonstone is formed through the cooling and solidification of molten rock, with adularescence caused by light interference between thin layers of different minerals within the stone.
  3. What are the metaphysical properties of this Moonstone?
    • This Moonstone is believed to enhance intuition, promote inspiration, and bring about balance and harmony. Many also associate it with feminine energy and the cycles of the moon.
  4. Can Black Moonstone be used in jewelry?
    • Yes, this Moonstone is a popular choice for jewelry due to its unique appearance. It is often crafted into various forms, including cabochons, beads, and pendants.
  5. How should I care for my Black Moonstone jewelry?
    • To maintain the beauty of this Moonstone jewelry, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and prolonged sunlight. Clean it gently using a soft cloth and mild soap, and store it separately from other jewelry to prevent scratches.
  6. Is Black Moonstone only available in black color?
    • While the primary color is black, this Moonstone can exhibit a range of colors including gray, brown, and hints of other hues. The term “black” refers to the predominant dark base color.

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