Septarian Gem Secrets: Embrace the Earth’s Ancient Wisdom

What is Septarian Gem?

A three-colored concretion made of several different minerals is called septarian Gem stone. Sedimentary gemstones contain concretions, which are solidified sediment bodies. Put another way, they’re stunning balls of mud that have solidified.The three most prevalent hues of septarian are gray (from limestone), brown (from aragonite), and yellow (from calcite). It’s frequently referred to as septarian jasper or septarian agate. But it’s neither, either. Agate is a mineral, just as jasper is; septarian is a rock.

Septarian Gem
  1. Composite Minerals:
    • Septarian is composed of Aragonite, Calcite, and Limestone, creating a unique combination of minerals.
  2. Latin Origin:
    • The name “Septarian” is derived from the Latin term “septem,” meaning seven, attributed to its apparent formation in seven distinct forms.
  3. Calcite’s Orange Element:
    • Calcite contributes the bright orange color to Septarian formations.
  4. Aragonite’s Brownish Hue:
    • Aragonite imparts the brownish element to Septarian crystals.
  5. Limestone’s Exterior:
    • The greyish exterior of Septarian is attributed to the presence of Limestone.
  6. Barite Inclusions:
    • Some Septarian samples may contain whitish or transparent Barite inclusions.
  7. Earthy Vitality:
    • Septarian emanates an unadulterated brown Earth vitality, known for its soothing and stress-reducing properties.
  8. Formation During Cretaceous Epoch:
    • Septarian fossils are believed to have originated during the Cretaceous epoch when water tables were substantially higher.
  9. Microscopic Sea Life:
    • Microscopic sea life died and sank to the seafloor, forming a cluster of dirt globules.
  10. Formation of Dirt Pellets:
    • Dirt pellets accumulated as the composites disintegrated, forming clusters that dried and shrank.
  11. Release and Drying Process:
    • Once the waters withdrew, the dirt pellets were released into the atmosphere, dried, and diminished, creating the distinctive colors and patterns seen in Septarian clusters.
  12. Geode and Nodule Formation:
    • Septarian crystals form geodes and nodules, displaying aesthetic cracks with a light center, brown banding, and a grey exterior.
  13. Color Contributions:
    • Calcite contributes yellow, Aragonite adds brown, Barite provides white, and Limestone contributes gray to the overall coloration of Septarian.
  14. Opaque Nature:
    • True Septarian crystals are opaque, not transparent or translucent, often displaying a white streak.
  15. Not a Single Crystal:
    • Septarian is not a single crystal but a combination of several minerals, leading to its diverse benefits, including healing, balancing, cleansing, strengthening, and protection.
  16. Underwater Volcanoes’ Influence:
    • Formed due to underwater volcanoes that killed marine life, the shells settled, and mud balls formed, eventually drying, shrinking, and cracking into the Septarian crystals observed today.
  17. Four Million Years of Formation:
    • The current concretions of Septarian took approximately four million years to form, resulting in its unique structure, shape, and texture.
  18. Nicknames:
    • Septarian is known by various nicknames such as Turtleback Stone, Lightning Stone, and Dragon Eggs or Dragon Stones due to its distinct appearance.


A Geological Tale through Time

  1. Cretaceous Period Formation:
    • Septarian nodules originated during Earth’s Cretaceous period, dating back to an impressive 50 to 70 million years ago.
  2. Etymology – Latin Roots:
    • The name “septarian” finds its roots in Latin, with “septem” meaning “seven” or “saeptum,” signifying “wall” or “enclosure.”
  3. Distinctive Seven-Point Pattern:
    • The formation process imparts a unique pattern of seven points in every direction, contributing to the name’s etymology.
  4. Malagasy Legend – Dragon Remains:
    • According to an ancient Malagasy legend, septarian is believed to be the fossilized remains of dragons that existed millions of years ago. The distinct pattern resembles dragon scales, aligning with this folklore.
  5. Talisman of Courage and Grounding:
    • In ancient times, septarian was revered as a talisman symbolizing courage and grounding. It was thought to draw its powers from the depths of Mother Earth.
  6. Septarian in Pop Culture – Game of Thrones:
    • Septarian has made its mark in pop culture, notably featuring in the cult-favorite series, Game of Thrones. In the storyline, Daenerys Targaryen receives three petrified dragon eggs made of septarian as a wedding gift. These eggs later hatch into dragons, earning Daenerys the title of the Mother of Dragons.
  7. Symbolism of Mother of Dragons:
    • The use of septarian in Game of Thrones symbolizes the mythical aspect of dragon eggs and their transformation into powerful creatures, aligning with the character Daenerys Targaryen’s journey.
  8. Extraordinary Wedding Gift:
    • Septarian’s portrayal as dragon eggs in Game of Thrones highlights the stone’s extraordinary nature, serving as a unique and powerful wedding gift in the fictional world.
  9. Geological Legacy:
    • Septarian’s geological legacy spans millions of years, adding a fascinating chapter to Earth’s history and captivating the imagination of both ancient cultures and contemporary storytelling.


  1. Meaning – “Protection”:
    • The term “Septarian” derives its meaning from the Latin word “sēptum,” translating to “seven,” “separation,” or “wall.” The crystal is named after its distinctive seven separate sections or cracks, symbolizing protection.
  2. Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand:
    • Remarkable Septarian nodules, known as the “Moeraki Boulders,” can be found on the beaches of New Zealand. These boulders, with a height of 7.2 feet, are associated with Māori legends and believed to be remnants of water gourds from the historic Āraiteuru wreck. The cracked pattern is attributed to fishing nets on the ancient canoe, symbolizing protection in Māori traditions.
  3. Symbolism in Māori Culture:
    • In Māori traditions, Septarian represents protection and holds significance as a symbol of invincibility, courage, vitality, power, growth, and change. The crystal’s association with dragons adds to its symbolic depth.
  4. Talisman for Strength and Motivation:
    • Throughout history, various cultures have recommended wearing Septarian as a talisman near the Heart Chakra to invoke strength and motivation.
  5. Historical Use for Commanding Flora and Fauna:
    • In ancient times, Septarian was believed to have the power to command flora and fauna. Its historical uses are deeply rooted in symbols of protection and influence.
  6. New Age Benefits and Associations:
    • In the New Age, Septarian is associated with a range of benefits, including manifestation, psychic powers, prosperity, spirit contact, immunity, health, and cosmic travel.
  7. Utilization by Psychics, Seers, and Healers:
    • Septarian is actively used by psychics, seers, and healers in various divination rituals and talismans, highlighting its continued significance in contemporary spiritual practices.
CompositionA type of concretionary rock composed of calcite, aragonite, and occasionally barite, forming distinct patterns of cracks filled with minerals.
ColorTypically gray to brown, with a mottled or cracked appearance. May also have yellow, white, or blue mineral infillings.
LusterSubvitreous to resinous
Hardness3.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale
FractureConchoidal to uneven
Specific Gravity2.6 – 2.8
OccurrenceFound in sedimentary rocks, often associated with ancient seabeds.
FormationSeptarian nodules form through a process of mud concretion, with minerals precipitating in the cracks over time.
UsesDecorative Use: Polished septarian nodules are often used as decorative items and carvings.
Metaphysical Beliefs: Associated with grounding, patience, and nurturing energies.
PatternsSeptarian nodules display unique patterns of cracks, often radiating from a central point, filled with minerals such as calcite and aragonite.
Care TipsSeptarian is relatively soft and should be handled with care to avoid scratches. Clean with a soft, damp cloth.
Spiritual BeliefsSeptarian is believed to have grounding and nurturing properties, fostering a sense of patience and stability.
NoteThe distinctive cracked patterns and mineral infillings make septarian nodules visually interesting and unique. They are often used in lapidary work and as decorative items.


Septarian is a unique concretionary rock known for its distinct cracked patterns filled with minerals. It is often used for decorative purposes and is associated with grounding and nurturing energies in metaphysical beliefs.

Healing Properties and Benefits:

Healing PropertyDescriptionApplication
VitalitySeptarian cleanses, nurtures, and nourishes the mind, body, and soul, providing rejuvenation for mental and physical fatigue.Consume Septarian crystal elixir for vitality and strength.
Trust and FaithBonding with bear-shaped Septarian crystals helps overcome trust issues, fostering trust in oneself, family, friends, and the cosmos.Meditate with Septarian, visualizing intentions for trust and faith in life and destiny.
MotivationUnblock kundalini energy and enhance creativity by using Septarian geodes.Charge Septarian with positive affirmations before carrying it for motivation.
PatienceSeptarian induces tranquility, clarity, and calmness, aiding in patience during stressful situations.Bury Septarian under three inches of soil overnight for anger management and peace; carry or wear it afterward.
GrowthSeptarian heart nodules facilitate finding opportunities to grow and inspire enthusiasm in various aspects of life.Place Septarian geodes in the Feng Shui direction of the north for spreading growth vibes; charge by smudging with sage.

Metaphysical Properties and Benefits:

  1. Ancient Formation Process:
    • Millions of years ago, Septarian crystals formed when mineral-rich water seeped into mud balls on the ocean floor, incorporating shells and bones of marine animals. This process gave rise to diverse colors and metaphysical traits in Septarian.
  2. Chakra Associations:
    • Septarian is connected to multiple chakras, including the Crown, Heart, Solar Plexus, and Root Chakras.
  3. White Variety and Crown Chakra:
    • Higher powers and cosmic connection are associated with Septarian varieties featuring more white, as it opens the Crown Chakra and facilitates a connection to higher realms through the Heart Chakra.
  4. Yellow Variety and Solar Plexus Chakra:
    • Septarian crystals with more yellow hues are linked to luck and activate the Solar Plexus Chakra, promoting positive energy flow and abundance.
  5. Balance through Root Chakra:
    • The brown in Septarian contributes to balancing the Root Chakra, fostering stability and grounding.
  6. Element and Planet Associations:
    • All types of Septarian crystals share the same elemental and planetary associations, being connected to Earth. They draw energy from Earth goddesses and emphasize adaptability to promote harmony in diverse situations.
  7. Deities and Divine Connections:
    • Septarian taps into the energies of various deities, including Tiamat (Babylonian goddess of the sea), Quetzalcoatl (Aztec god of life), Shenlong (Chinese divine dragon), and Marduk (Babylonian storm god), enhancing its metaphysical significance.

Spiritual Properties and Benefits:

AbundanceSeptarian amplifies positivity and attracts prosperity, good luck, and success. Choose Septarian with more green for enhanced abundance.Place a bowl of charged Septarian in the northeast or center of the house for abundance; favorable feng shui placement.
Psychic VisionLightning Septarian enhances psychic abilities like clairsentience, clairvoyance, and cosmic link, promoting intuition and heightened awareness.Chant the seed mantra of Septarian into the stone for divination rituals; gaze into a charged Septarian to attune the mind.
Multidimensional TravelSeptarian is ideal for astral travel, especially for beginners in the spiritual world. Activate it with lunar energy by placing it under the moonlight and under the pillow for dream travel.Activate Septarian for multidimensional travel with lunar energy; leave the crystal under moonlight and under the pillow for dream travel.
Spirit CommunicationSeptarian enhances connection with the cosmos, establishing mediumship with angels and spirits.Charge Septarian for spirit contact by playing a Tibetan singing bowl close to it; the sound energy charges the crystal.
ProtectionSeptarian provides psychic protection by creating a positive energy ring around you, your home, or family to prevent psychic harm.Protect your home, family, or people from negativity or evil by setting a crystal altar or grid with a Septarian in the center.

Emotional Properties and Benefits:

The energy of septarian stones has emotional healing qualities and calming energies that can affect a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

CreativitySparks new ideas and enhances artistic skills, benefiting those in creative pursuits.Ideal for individuals pursuing arts or creative endeavors.
InsightEmits high vibrational energy, bringing realizations and a better understanding of the past, actions, lessons, and outcomes.Supports individuals seeking deeper insights into their lives and experiences.
BraveryBoosts courage, allowing individuals to embark on new opportunities, protect themselves, and enhance self-confidence.Ideal for those facing challenges or seeking to overcome fears.
Self CareBears loving and nurturing energy, promoting self-care and compassion towards oneself, fostering self-love.Useful for individuals aiming to enhance self-care practices and self-compassion.
Self-ConfidenceEmits a high frequency that energizes and boosts self-esteem, making the individual naturally confident and approachable.Suitable for those seeking to enhance their self-confidence and approachability.
StressRadiates positive energy, erasing emotional stress and providing calming effects, enabling individuals to stay solid in conflicting situations.Helpful for managing stress and maintaining composure in challenging circumstances.
AbuseEnhances self-control and discipline, strengthening the ability to restrain against harmful substances or circumstances.Useful for individuals working on self-discipline and overcoming abusive patterns.
AddictionAids individuals battling addiction by boosting willpower, aiding recovery, and promoting self-control against substance abuse and withdrawal symptoms.Supportive for those seeking recovery from various forms of addiction.
AcceptanceFacilitates acknowledgment of the past, understanding maladaptive patterns, and releasing and healing from adverse experiences.Beneficial for individuals working on acceptance and emotional healing.
EnergyImmerses powerful energy, releasing stagnant energy and clearing blocked emotions, benefitting those with depression, anxiety, and repressed conflicts.Suitable for energy clearing and emotional well-being.
Mental ClarityEmits high vibrations that remove mental conflicts and pacify turbulent emotions stored in the subconscious mind.Useful for achieving mental clarity and emotional balance.
BalanceRadiates mother earth’s energy, keeping emotions stable and manageable, aiding individuals in making conscious decisions.Supports emotional balance and mindful decision-making.
CommunicationConveys stable energy that enhances effective information exchange through honest and truthful communication.Useful for improving communication skills and fostering honesty.
EmpowermentBoosts self-belief, inspiration, and a hopeful spirit, empowering individuals to face challenges confidently.Ideal for enhancing personal empowerment and resilience.
EnthusiasmSparks happiness, childlike wonder, and curiosity, fostering a positive outlook on life.Beneficial for cultivating enthusiasm and a positive perspective.

Birthstone and Zodiac Sign:

  1. Taurus Gemstone:
    • Septarian is designated as a Taurus gemstone, making it particularly favorable for individuals born under the zodiac sign of Taurus.
  2. Jewelry and Personal Carry:
    • Individuals born under Taurus can choose to wear jewelry crafted from Septarian. Alternatively, carrying a Septarian gemstone with them ensures that its vitality is readily available to provide support as needed.


Septarian crystal connects, balances, and attunes every chakra. It balances their energy, promoting a healthy energy flow, making them more stable and balanced people who live their lives in accordance with God’s plan. Particularly, it resonates with these chakra points.

chakra for Septarian
Crown ChakraIntensifies mastery of the mind and navigation of thoughts.Beneficial for individuals seeking heightened mental clarity and mastery of thought processes.
Root ChakraAttunes the base chakra and synchronizes the third eye, throat, and heart chakras, enabling the individual to function according to their truth and divine purpose.Supports grounding and alignment of chakras, fostering a sense of purpose and authenticity.

Side Effects:

  1. Vivid or Disturbing Dreams:
    • Sleeping with Septarian under your pillow may lead to vivid or disturbing dreams.
    • It’s advisable to take a break if such experiences disrupt your sleep.
  2. Exhaustion:
    • Individuals highly sensitive to cosmic connection may experience feelings of overwhelming exhaustion.
    • It’s recommended to be mindful of your sensitivity and take breaks as needed when working with Septarian.

Applications and Uses Areas:

Lapidary Arts and JewelryCut and polished septarian nodules are used in lapidary arts to create cabochons, beads, and ornamental jewelry items.Crafted into pendants, earrings, and other jewelry pieces.
Sculptures and Decorative ItemsArtists and sculptors use septarian nodules to create sculptures, figurines, and decorative items, leveraging their unique patterns and textures.Carved septarian pieces used for decorative elements in homes and gardens.
Educational DisplaysSeptarian nodules are featured in educational displays and exhibits, serving as valuable tools for teaching about sedimentary processes, mineralization, and geology.Used in educational settings to explain geological concepts.
Collector’s ItemsCollectors value septarian nodules for their geological uniqueness and aesthetic appeal, seeking specimens for mineral and fossil collections.Sought after by collectors for their vibrant colors and patterns.
Metaphysical and Spiritual PracticesIn metaphysical and spiritual practices, septarian is believed to possess grounding and protective properties, used in meditation or as decorative items in holistic well-being spaces.Incorporated into jewelry, talismans, and metaphysical items.
Fossil ExplorationSeptarian nodules, especially those containing fossils, are studied by paleontologists and fossil enthusiasts to extract and examine well-preserved fossils, providing insights into ancient ecosystems.Examined for fossil preservation in geological research.
Interior DesignPolished septarian nodules are used in interior design as decorative elements in various settings, contributing to visually appealing designs in homes, offices, and public spaces.Used as decorative items in interior design projects.
Healing and Wellness PracticesSome individuals believe septarian has healing properties and may use it as a decorative element in spaces associated with relaxation and well-being.Incorporated into spaces for its perceived wellness benefits.
Architectural UseSeptarian nodules are sometimes incorporated into architectural projects for aesthetic purposes, contributing to unique and visually striking designs.Used in the form of polished slabs, decorative tiles, or other architectural elements.


Septarian nodules are distributed globally and are frequently found in sedimentary rock formations. These nodules are typically found in places that were formerly submerged in shallow marine environments or ancient seas. Septarian nodules are frequently found in the following areas:

United StatesWestern states like Utah, Colorado, and Nevada are known for septarian nodules. Bear Lake region in Utah is particularly famous. Iowa, especially around the Des Moines River, is another location.
MadagascarMadagascar is a significant source of septarian nodules, known for vibrant colors and intricate patterns, making them highly valued by collectors.
EnglandThe Kimmeridge Clay Formation in England contains septarian nodules, often found along the Jurassic Coast.
MoroccoSeptarian nodules are found in certain regions of Morocco, and specimens from Morocco are sought after for their unique characteristics.
New ZealandRegions in New Zealand, such as the Waipara River area in Canterbury, have reported the presence of septarian nodules.
CanadaSeptarian nodules have been found in various Canadian provinces, including Alberta and Saskatchewan.
GermanySome regions in Germany, especially those with limestone deposits, have been known to yield septarian nodules.

Value & Price:

Type of SeptarianFactors Affecting PricePrice Range
Egg or Sphere with Partial OpeningsSize, shape, and crystal visibility$100 and above
Larger Decor or Collector’s PiecesSize, beauty, and rarityWell over $1000
Moderate Slab, Nodule, or SphereSize, quality, and visual appealUnder $50
Septarian JewelryType of metal, craftsmanship, and designAround $50 or less (basic), Higher for lux metals

This table provides a breakdown of the price range for different types of septarian based on their characteristics and intended use. Keep in mind that these are general estimates and actual prices may vary based on factors like location, market demand, and individual seller preferences.

Mineral Composition:

Although septarian nodules can have a varied mineral composition, they usually have a combination of minerals that give them a distinctive look. The following are the main minerals discovered in septarian nodules:

CalciteCommon mineral found in white, yellow, or brown crystals. A carbonate mineral and a major component in the mineral fillings within septarian nodules.
AragoniteAnother carbonate mineral often present in septarian nodules. Contributes to the nodules’ hardness and appears in colors like white, yellow, or brown.
BariteSulfate mineral found in the cracks of septarian nodules. Appears as tabular crystals, contributing to nodules’ weight and density.
GypsumSulfate mineral occasionally present in septarian nodules. Appears as elongated prisms within the cracks, enhancing mineral diversity.
LimestoneThe nodules are often composed of limestone, a sedimentary rock primarily made of calcium carbonate. Provides the initial matrix for the formation of septarian nodules.
CelestiteIn some cases, celestite, a strontium sulfate mineral, may be present in septarian nodules. Contributes to the range of colors and textures.
KaoliniteA clay mineral found in the nodules, affecting their texture. Associated with the initial sedimentation process.

Care and Maintenance:

Care and Maintenance Tips for SeptarianRecommendations
Cleaning MethodUse warm water to gently rinse your septarian crystals.
Drying ProcessThoroughly dry the crystals before storing them.
StorageStore septarian in a soft pouch or fabric-lined box to prevent scratches.
Avoid Contact with Harsh ChemicalsKeep septarian away from harsh chemicals that can damage its surface.
Avoid Ultrasonic CleanersDo not use ultrasonic cleaners, as they may be too harsh for septarian.
Avoid Steam CleanersAvoid using steam cleaners, as the heat and moisture can be detrimental to septarian.
Prevent Contact with Harder Gems or MaterialsBe cautious to prevent septarian from coming into contact with harder gems or materials to avoid scratches.

How To Clean?

Cleansing MethodSteps
Essential Oils Cleansing1. Use steam for cleansing Septarian.
2. Add sacred scents to an aroma diffuser.
3. Keep Septarian within 10 to 20 cm of the diffuser.
4. Switch on the diffuser for a few minutes.
Water Cleansing1. Chant the seed mantra associated with the water element (VAM) into the crystal.
2. Avoid direct contact with water to preserve Septarian.
Clear Quartz Wand Cleansing1. Use a Clear Quartz wand for quick cleansing.
2. Circle the wand around Septarian to purify its energy.


Septarian’s mesmerizing patterns and warm tones make it a sought-after mineral for collectors and artists. Believed to have metaphysical properties promoting balance and communication, it also finds practical use in lapidary arts and interior design. This unique stone serves as a testament to the Earth’s natural beauty, combining geological fascination with aesthetic and holistic appeal.


  1. What is Septarian?
    • Septarian is a unique mineral formed through the combination of calcite, aragonite, and limestone, resulting in distinctive patterns and colors.
  2. What are the metaphysical properties associated with Septarian?
    • Septarian is believed to promote grounding, harmony, and emotional balance. It is also thought to enhance communication skills and foster tranquility, although these properties are not scientifically proven.
  3. How is Septarian used in lapidary arts?
    • Due to its striking appearance, Septarian is a popular choice for sculptures, decorative items, and jewelry. Its durability and warm earthy tones make it versatile in various creative projects.
  4. Is there any cultural or spiritual significance attached to Septarian?
    • Yes, Septarian holds cultural and spiritual significance in some belief systems. It is often associated with holistic healing and alternative therapies.
  5. Can Septarian be used for interior design purposes?
    • Absolutely. Its unique patterns and warm colors make Septarian a captivating choice for incorporating into interior design elements, adding a touch of natural beauty to spaces.
  6. Is there any scientific evidence supporting the metaphysical properties of Septarian?
    • No, the metaphysical properties of Septarian are not scientifically proven. These beliefs are often rooted in cultural and spiritual traditions.
  7. Where is Septarian found?
    • Septarian is found in various locations worldwide, including the United States, Madagascar, and New Zealand.

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