Owl Symbolism

Owl Symbolism: Wisdom, Change, Intuition and Transformation

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What An Owl Symbolism?

Owl Symbolism resonates deeply within human culture, reflecting facets of intuition, wisdom, and protection. Revered as ancestors representing our genetic lineage since ancient times, owls embody profound spiritual qualities beyond their physical attributes. Associated with inner wisdom, transformation, and intuitive development, encounters with these nocturnal predators carry significant meanings.

Owls mean wisdom and knowledge,” Mello says. She says owls are like our ancestors, showing our deep history and connection since the beginning of time. Owls also represent our inner wisdom, change, and good luck,” says Charlotte Kirsten. She’s an expert on cultural symbols.

Owls are special because of more than just their looks. They represent important things like wisdom and protection. They’re also linked to change and new beginnings.

Owl Symbolism crystinfoz.com

1.Owl Symbolism:

  • Inner Transformation and Intuitive Development: Owls represent a journey of self-actualization and change.
  • Association with the Supernatural: They are seen as keepers of “death” in a transformative sense, symbolizing new beginnings.

2. Conservation Concerns:

  • Dwindling Habitats and Populations: The decreasing habitats and numbers of owls highlight the urgency of conservation efforts.
  • Importance of Owl Sightings: Encounters with owls carry hidden meanings and powerful symbolism, urging observers to recognize their significance.

3. Physical and Spiritual Attributes:

  • Exceptional Physical Traits: Owls captivate with features like asymmetrical ears and keen eyesight.
  • Spiritual Qualities: Beyond their appearance, owls symbolize clarity, insight, and authenticity.

4. Biological Characteristics:

  • Nocturnal Adaptations: Owls possess remarkable adaptations for nocturnal hunting, including silent flight and predatory vision.
  • Classification: They belong to the order Strigiformes and are primarily birds of prey, reflecting their predatory nature.

5. Guidance and Wisdom:

  • Revealing Hidden Truths: Owls are symbols of clarity and insight, capable of guiding individuals beyond illusions.
  • Promoting Discernment: As spirit animals, they encourage discernment and authenticity, urging individuals to embrace deeper truths.

6. Cross-Cultural Symbolism:

  • Universal Resonance: The symbolism of owls transcends cultures and epochs, reminding humanity of the profound wisdom inherent in nature’s creations.
  • Enduring Significance: Owls hold a timeless symbolic resonance, reflecting the enduring connection between humans and the natural world.
Positive SymbolismNegative Symbolism
WisdomRadical transition
Clear visionOminousness, endings
Guidance in the unknownIsolation
IndependenceLack of sense of humor
DiscernmentNegative occult connotations
Connection to the mysterious and magical aspects of life

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This table outlines both the positive and negative symbolism associated with owls in various cultures and traditions.

What’s So Special About Owls?

1. Majestic Hunters:

  • Owls hunt silently using fluffy-edged wings.
  • They prey on small, nocturnal animals during the night.
  • Occasionally, they communicate with each other through hooting or screaming.

2. Diurnal Behavior:

  • Owls retreat to their favorite roosts when the sun rises.
  • They allow other raptors to hunt daytime creatures.

3. Cultural Significance:

  • Denver Holt, founder of the Owl Research Institute, describes owls as one of the most widely recognized animal groups globally.
  • Owls have been depicted in art for millennia, such as the etching found in the Chauvet cave in France dating back 30,000 years.

4. Modern-Day Totems:

  • Owls are featured in various modern contexts, serving as symbols or totems.
  • They are associated with brands like Tootsie Pop, Trip Advisor, and Duolingo, reflecting their widespread appeal.

Owl Characteristics:

CamouflageOwls are masters of camouflage, using their feathers to blend in with their surroundings during the day. Snowy owls are white, matching the tundra, while brown owls match tree trunks.
Binocular VisionOwls possess binocular vision, similar to humans, which allows them to process complex visual information.
Eye StructureOwls have large cylindrical eyes that face forward, enabling them to see in low light conditions. They lack spherical eyeballs and can’t roll their eyes.
Swiveling HeadOwls can swivel their heads entirely around on their necks due to their fixed eyes, allowing them to look in almost any direction without moving their body.
Sense of HearingOwls rely heavily on their sense of hearing for hunting, as they are nocturnal predators.
Ear StructureOwls have large ear openings on the sides of their heads, with one ear lower than the other to help triangulate sound and determine its direction.
Facial StructureThe circular depressions around their eyes and small beaks enhance their ability to capture and process sound, acting like a satellite dish.

Examples of Owl Species:

SpeciesCommon NameHabitatUnique Features
Bubo scandiacusSnowy OwlTundraWhite plumage for camouflage; associated with good omens in some cultures.
Strix alucoTawny OwlEuropean WoodlandsBrown plumage matching tree trunks; possesses binocular vision and superb hearing.

Owl Meaning in the Bible:

The Bible’s meaning of owls was also not favorable. This point of view has probably contributed to the owl’s current associations with frightful subjects, such as death and spooky Halloween decorations.

1. Negative Connotations in the Bible:

  • The owl was viewed negatively in the Bible, associated with frightening topics such as death.
  • Similar to other creatures like dragons, bats, and ravens, the owl was considered unclean and unfit for human consumption.

2. Symbolism of Desolation in Isaiah:

  • In the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 34, Verse 13, during King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign, the kingdom of Edom is depicted as a land inhabited by creatures like dragons, owls, unicorns, vultures, and cormorants.
  • These creatures symbolized desolation and disobedience in biblical narratives.

3. Symbol of Loneliness:

  • The owl was also a symbol of loneliness and loss in the Bible, as seen in Psalm 102:6-7.
  • The psalm describes the speaker as being akin to a desert owl among ruins, emphasizing solitude and isolation.

Owl Meaning in Ancient Cultures:

In some cultures, owls weren’t seen in such a good light. Their hunting skills and nocturnal habits led people to link them with the supernatural. Like how some folks view black cats and ravens, some cultures think of owls as signs of death or messengers from the spirit world. It’s like they have a split personality – most of the time, they’re seen as symbols of wisdom, understanding, and intuition, but there’s this spooky side too because they’re thought to move between the worlds of the living and the dead.

Owl Symbolism crystinfoz.com

Native American culture:

1. Spiritual Symbolism in Native American Culture:

  • Many Native American tribes view owls as the embodiment of a deceased ancestor or spirit.
  • Owls are perceived as bridging the gap between the realms of life and the afterlife.

2. Role as Eternal Teachers:

  • According to Kristen, owls are regarded as eternal teachers, embodying the wisdom of elders and ancestors.
  • They symbolize the energy of those who have traversed the land before, offering guidance and insight.

The Jewish religion:

1. Negative Perception in Jewish Religion:

  • Within the Jewish religion, the owl is often viewed negatively.
  • It is classified as an unclean bird according to Jewish dietary laws.
  • In Jewish stories, the owl is used as a symbol to convey desolation or bleakness.

Japanese And Chinese Culture:

1. Symbol of Good Fortune and Protection:

  • In Japanese and Chinese cultures, owls are associated with good fortune and protection.
  • Owls hold significance in feng shui practices, believed to bring positive energies into the home.

2. Feng Shui Connection:

  • Placing an owl object or painting in one’s home is thought to dispel negative energies.
  • Owls are believed to usher in abundance across mental, physical, and emotional aspects of life.

Ancient Egypt:

1. Gatekeepers of the Underworld in Ancient Egypt:

  • Owls were considered the gatekeepers of the underworld in Ancient Egypt.
  • They played a role in protecting the souls of individuals who inadvertently wandered into the realm of the afterlife.

2. Auspicious Symbols in Ancient Egypt:

  • In Ancient Egypt, owls symbolized courage, higher assistance, and supernatural wisdom.
  • They were regarded as auspicious symbols with deep spiritual significance.

Greece, and Rome:

Reverence in Ancient Greece and Rome:

  • In ancient Greek and Roman cultures, the owl held revered status.
  • It was associated with goddesses such as Athena or Diana and served as the protector of the city of Athens, which was named after Athena.
  • Additionally, the owl was seen as representative of the soul, embodying spiritual qualities and wisdom.

Hindu Beliefs:

1. Symbol of Wealth and Prosperity:

  • In Hindu belief, the owl is associated with wealth, prosperity, wisdom, good luck, and fortune.
  • This symbolism is attributed to the goddess Lakshmi, who is often depicted with a white barn owl as her vahana (vehicle).

2. Messenger of Death:

  • Despite its positive associations, owls are sometimes viewed as messengers of death in Hindu beliefs.
  • This perception draws parallels with Ancient Rome’s association of owls with death.

Owls in Christianity:

1. Ambiguous Role in Christian Tradition:

  • The role of the owl within Christianity is subject to differing interpretations.
  • Some view owls as omens foretelling impending misfortune or danger.

2. Representation of Hidden Truths:

  • Conversely, others interpret owls as symbols of hidden truths that have yet to be revealed.
  • This perspective suggests a more positive connotation associated with owls within Christian symbolism.

Owl Color Meanings:

Another aspect of owl symbolism is color, which can reveal messages an owl might be trying to convey to you.

Black owls:

Black Owl Symbolism crystinfoz.com

1. Symbol of Spiritual Protection:

  • Black owls are perceived as symbols of spiritual protection, offering guidance and safeguarding individuals from negative energies or influences.

2. Representation of the Subconscious Mind:

  • Additionally, black owls are seen as symbols of the subconscious mind.
  • They prompt individuals to explore their inner selves comprehensively, encouraging reflection and introspection.

3. Call to Holistic Self-Reflection:

  • Black owls serve as a call to examine oneself holistically.
  • They inspire individuals to identify and discard any limiting beliefs that may hinder personal growth or keep them stuck in repetitive patterns of thinking or behavior.

White owls:

White Owl Symbolism crystinfoz.com

1. Catalysts for Change and Transformation:

  • White owls are regarded as powerful agents of change and transformation.
  • They are seen as visionaries within the animal kingdom, symbolizing a profound connection with one’s higher self and a desire for cosmic change.

2. Representation of Spiritual Connection:

  • White owls symbolize a deep spiritual connection with the higher self.
  • They embody a longing for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

3. Tradition of Making Wishes:

  • In tradition, encountering a white owl prompts individuals to make a wish.
  • This practice reflects the belief in the transformative power and auspicious nature of white owls.

Grey owls:

Grey Owl Symbolism crystinfoz.com

1. Symbol of Balance and Trust:

  • Grey owls symbolize the concept of balance and trust in life.
  • They represent the yin and yang of existence, acknowledging the necessity of trust even when the path forward is unclear.

2. Encouragement for Trusting the Process:

  • Grey owls encourage individuals to trust the steps they are taking, even if the full path is not visible.
  • They promote the idea of trusting in the journey and having faith in the process, rather than becoming overwhelmed by uncertainty.

3. Facilitation of Bigger-Picture Thinking:

  • Grey owls inspire bigger-picture thinking, encouraging individuals to consider the broader perspective rather than fixating on small details.
  • They aid in releasing individuals from the grip of perfectionism and inaction, emphasizing the importance of taking small steps forward towards progress.

Reddish-brown Owls:

Reddish-brown Owl Symbolism crystinfoz.com

1. Symbol of Passion and Energy:

  • Reddish-brown owls embody passion and energy within symbolism.
  • They represent the vitality and vibrancy of life, encouraging individuals to embrace their inner fire and pursue their passions.

2. Representation of Action and Initiative:

  • Reddish-brown owls symbolize the importance of taking action and initiative in life.
  • They inspire individuals to harness their energy and enthusiasm to make meaningful progress towards their goals.

3. Encouragement for Embracing Change:

  • Reddish-brown owls encourage individuals to embrace change and adaptability.
  • They signify the willingness to evolve and transform, reminding us that change can lead to growth and new opportunities.

Buff Owls:

Buff Owl Symbolism crystinfoz.com

1. Symbol of Tranquility and Serenity:

  • Buff owls symbolize tranquility and serenity in their appearance and demeanor.
  • They represent a sense of calmness and peace, encouraging individuals to find inner balance and harmony.

2. Representation of Gentleness and Compassion:

  • Buff owls embody qualities of gentleness and compassion.
  • They inspire individuals to approach life with kindness and empathy towards themselves and others.

3. Encouragement for Self-Care and Relaxation:

  • Buff owls encourage individuals to prioritize self-care and relaxation.
  • They remind us of the importance of taking breaks, finding moments of quietude, and nurturing our well-being amidst life’s challenges.

Charcoal Owls:

Owl Symbolism crystinfoz.com

1. Symbol of Mystery and Depth:

  • Charcoal owls symbolize mystery and depth within their appearance and symbolism.
  • They represent the enigmatic aspects of life, urging individuals to explore the depths of their own consciousness and surroundings.

2. Representation of Resilience and Strength:

  • Charcoal owls embody resilience and strength, often associated with their dark and powerful presence.
  • They inspire individuals to persevere through adversity and overcome challenges with determination.

3. Encouragement for Seeking Inner Wisdom:

  • Charcoal owls encourage individuals to seek inner wisdom and intuition.
  • They symbolize the importance of delving into one’s inner depths to uncover hidden truths and insights for personal growth and enlightenment.

What It Means To Dream about Owls:

Dreaming about Owls: Interpretation and Reflection

Owl Symbolism crystinfoz.com
  1. Symbol of Higher Consciousness:
    • Owls in dreams symbolize our higher consciousness and connection to our ancestors.
    • Represents protection, safety, and assurance that everything is okay.
  2. Ancestors Watching Over:
    • If an owl is “watching” you in a dream, it signifies your ancestors watching out for you.
    • Despite the initial creepiness, it’s a sign of protection and guidance.
  3. Emotional Reflection:
    • Reflect on your feelings upon waking up from the dream.
    • The feeling is often described as “magical” or spiritually significant.
  4. Dream Journaling:
    • Record your owl dream in a journal to capture details and emotions.
    • Take time to reflect on the color of the owl, any sounds it made, and how it made you feel.
  5. Interpretive Questions:
    • Ask yourself specific questions to decode the message of the owl dream:
      • How can I connect with my soul’s urges and desires?
      • What steps am I taking to transform my goals into reality?
      • Am I tuning into my intuition and recognizing its signals?
      • What wisdom or legacy do I aspire to leave behind?
      • Am I open to exploring new experiences and ideas?
  6. Finding Clarity:
    • By mulling over the dream details and reflecting on the interpretive questions, the message of the owl dream can become clearer.
    • Likely associated with transitions or significant changes in life.
    • Understanding the message can provide guidance and insight into personal growth and development.

Spiritual Meanings of Seeing an Owl:

1. Searching Within for Answers:

  • Seeing an owl may signify a need to search within yourself for answers and deeper insights.
  • It serves as a reminder to balance worldly concerns with spiritual introspection and meditation.

2. Urging Acceptance of Truth:

  • Owl sightings can urge individuals to confront truths they may be avoiding and accept reality.
  • Through reflection and meditation, one can uncover hidden truths and face them with courage.

3. Premonition of Change and Transformation:

  • Owls symbolize change, often associated with death and rebirth in various cultures.
  • Encountering an owl can indicate an impending end to a phase of life, leading to new beginnings and opportunities.

4. Encouragement to Embrace Change:

  • Seeing an owl suggests that change is on the horizon, signaling the need to prepare and embrace it.
  • It signifies the potential for positive transformations and growth amid transitions.

5. Reminder to Let Go:

  • Owl sightings may prompt individuals to release negative habits or toxic relationships hindering their progress.
  • It serves as a call to let go of attachments and make room for positive change.

6. Call for Decisiveness:

  • Owls symbolize wisdom and decisiveness, urging individuals to make clear, timely decisions.
  • Procrastination is discouraged, and action is encouraged to seize opportunities.

7. Promotion of Positivity:

  • Black owl sightings may indicate a need to shift negative thought patterns towards positivity and optimism.
  • It encourages individuals to cultivate a more positive mindset for personal well-being.

8. Encouragement to Forgive:

  • Seeing a barred owl may signal the need to forgive and make peace with past grievances.
  • It prompts individuals to release resentment and foster reconciliation with others.

9. Significance of Unusual Owl Sightings:

  • Owls appearing in unusual places or times carry heightened significance, requiring deeper introspection.
  • Observing the circumstances surrounding the owl sighting can provide valuable insights.

10. Cautionary Omen:

  • While not always negative, owl sightings can sometimes serve as cautionary omens, advising careful consideration before embarking on new endeavors.

11. Setting Boundaries:

  • Hearing an owl hoot may signify a need to establish boundaries in personal or professional relationships.
  • It serves as a warning to protect oneself from potential threats or intrusions.

12. Importance of Reflection and Meditation:

  • Deep reflection and meditation are essential for deciphering the spiritual messages conveyed by owl sightings.
  • By connecting with one’s inner self, individuals can gain clarity and guidance in navigating life’s challenges.

What To Do if You Keep Seeing Owls?

1. Significance of Owl Sightings:

  • Seeing owls everywhere is considered a sign that the spirit or the Universe is trying to communicate with you.
  • Continuous encounters with owls, whether in waking life or dreams, should be noted and paid attention to.

2. Messages from Spirit Guides:

  • Repeated sightings of owls indicate that spirit guides are attempting to convey messages to you.
  • These signs are persistent, suggesting that important guidance or insights are being offered.

3. Rarity of Owl Sightings:

  • Unlike other bird sightings like Cardinals or Blue Jays, spotting an owl is less common and holds greater significance.

4. Trust and Gentleness in Response:

  • When encountering an owl, it’s advised to trust your current life circumstances and be cautious with making significant changes.
  • Continuous owl sightings may indicate the presence of passed loved ones who are watching over you.

5. Embrace the Connection and Eternal Life:

  • Enjoy the momentary connection with the owl and recognize the eternal nature of life.
  • Understand that the presence of owls signifies everlasting connections and spiritual guidance.

Owl Tattoo Meaning:

Meaning of an Owl Tattoo:

tatoo Owl Symbolism crystinfoz.com
  1. Symbol of Freethinking:
    • Owls in tattoos can signify being a freethinker who trusts their instincts.
    • Represents independence and reliance on one’s own judgment.
  2. Quest for Wisdom and Mysteries:
    • Owl tattoos demonstrate a desire to understand deeper mysteries of life.
    • Symbolize a quest for knowledge and spiritual enlightenment.
  3. Connection to the Spirit World:
    • Reflects a belief in the teachings of the spirit world.
    • Implies a spiritual connection and a desire to learn from the unseen realms.
  4. Embrace of Magic:
    • Owl tattoos can be a sign of belief in the power of magic and the mystical.
    • Represents an embrace of the unknown and a fascination with the supernatural.
  5. Personal Expression:
    • While the meanings are rooted in symbolism, owl tattoos are personal to each individual.
    • Allows for self-expression and reflection of one’s unique beliefs and values.
  6. Historic Symbolism:
    • Understanding the historic symbolism of owls adds depth to the tattoo’s meaning.
    • Throughout history, owls have been associated with wisdom, intuition, and magic across various cultures.
  7. Connection to the Owl Spirit Animal:
    • Owls as spirit animals represent intuition, insight, and the ability to see beyond deception.
    • Having an owl tattoo may symbolize a connection to these spiritual attributes.
  8. Greater Meaning:
    • By incorporating historic symbolism and understanding the owl spirit animal, the tattoo gains deeper significance.
    • Serves as a reminder of personal values, beliefs, and aspirations, while also honoring cultural and spiritual traditions.

Owl Sounds in Daytime: A Bad Omen?

Owl Sounds in Daytime: Insights from Birding Experts

  1. Barred Owls in Residential Areas:
    • Reader Robert Sheffield of Hanahan, South Carolina, hears hoot owls during daytime hours in a residential area with sweetgum and pine trees, along with swampy wetlands.
  2. Unusual Daytime Activity:
    • Owls are typically nocturnal, making daytime hooting unusual.
    • Barred owls, however, are known to hoot during the day, particularly on cloudy days.
  3. Positive Interpretation:
    • Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman, birding experts, do not consider daytime owl hooting as a bad omen.
    • They view it as a positive occurrence, indicating the presence of beautiful barred owls in the neighborhood.
  4. Characteristics of Barred Owls:
    • Barred owls have dark brown eyes, giving them a gentle expression.
    • They are active primarily at night but may vocalize during the day, especially in suitable habitat.
  5. Habitat Preferences:
    • Barred owls prefer swampy areas with big trees, which seems to match the habitat described by the reader.
    • The presence of such habitat nearby suggests a conducive environment for barred owls.
  6. Appreciation of Wildlife:
    • The experts’ response reflects an appreciation for the natural world and the beauty of wildlife, even in unexpected circumstances.
    • Rather than viewing daytime owl sounds as ominous, they see it as a delightful aspect of living in harmony with nature.

Best Crystals for Owl Symbolism:

If you’re interested in exploring crystals that might enhance your connection with owl symbolism or your perception of owls, here are a few options often associated with intuition and wisdom:

crystals for Owl Symbolism crystinfoz.com
  1. Amethyst: Known for its calming and clarifying properties, amethyst is often associated with enhancing intuition and spiritual awareness. It can help quiet the mind and promote clearer perception.
  2. Lapis Lazuli: This deep blue stone is often linked with insight, truth, and wisdom. It’s believed to stimulate the Third Eye chakra, which is associated with intuition and spiritual vision.
  3. Clear Quartz: Often referred to as the “master healer,” clear quartz is believed to amplify energy and intention. It can help in gaining clarity of thought and enhancing perception.
  4. Moonstone: Associated with intuition and psychic abilities, moonstone is believed to enhance one’s connection to the lunar cycle and the subconscious mind. It can aid in seeing beyond the surface and understanding hidden truths.
  5. Labradorite: Known for its iridescent flashes of color, labradorite is associated with intuition and mystical insight. It’s believed to enhance psychic abilities and spiritual vision.

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Remember, the effects of crystals are highly subjective and can vary from person to person. It’s essential to trust your intuition and use crystals as tools for personal exploration and growth rather than relying solely on them for specific outcomes.


Owls symbolize a complex blend of wisdom, intuition, and mystery across cultures and throughout history. Their diverse species add depth to their symbolism, each bringing unique qualities to the table. Regardless of interpretation, owls universally evoke awe and fascination, serving as reminders of our connection to nature and the deeper mysteries of existence. Embracing the symbolism of owls invites us to explore our inner wisdom and spiritual connection, guiding us through life’s journey with insight and inspiration.


  1. What do owls symbolize in different cultures?
    • Owls symbolize various qualities such as wisdom, intuition, and mystery across cultures. They are often associated with knowledge and foresight.
  2. Are all owls considered symbols of wisdom?
    • While many owl species are associated with wisdom, not all owls carry the same symbolic meaning. Different types of owls may symbolize distinct attributes based on their characteristics and behaviors.
  3. Why are owls commonly associated with nighttime and darkness?
    • Owls are nocturnal birds, meaning they are most active during the night. Their ability to see in low light conditions and their silent flight make them symbols of the mysterious and unseen realms.
  4. Do owl tattoos hold specific meanings?
    • Owl tattoos can carry a range of meanings, including representing freethinking, a quest for wisdom, or a belief in magic. However, the interpretation of an owl tattoo can vary depending on the individual’s personal beliefs and experiences.
  5. What is the significance of hearing owls during the daytime?
    • While owls are typically nocturnal, certain species, such as barred owls, may vocalize during the daytime, especially on cloudy days. Hearing owls during the daytime can be a positive sign of the presence of these majestic birds in the surrounding habitat.
  6. How can I interpret an owl dream?
    • Dreaming of owls can symbolize connection with one’s higher consciousness, guidance from ancestors, or a desire to understand deeper mysteries. Reflecting on the emotions and details of the dream can help decipher its meaning based on personal context.

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