Peach Moonstone

Peach Moonstone: Nurturing Love, Clarity, and Spiritual[Guide]

What is Peach Moonstone?

Peach Moonstone embodies the subtle phases from the new moon crescent to the full harvest moon, perfectly capturing the essence of celestial transitions. The iridescent Feldspar minerals known by the ancient names Moonstone and Sunstone typically exhibit silvery and golden iridescence, respectively. Peach Moonstones combine orange tones with a silvery sheen in a special way to create a harmonious union of solar and lunar energy.

Peach Moonstone
  1. Feminine Essence:
    • This Moonstone embodies a distinctly feminine energy, representing the youthful essence and serving as a conduit for the Maiden’s energy within the Triple Faces of the Goddess.
  2. Symbol of Happiness:
    • Revered in ancient Indian cultures, this Moonstone is considered a “stone of happiness.”
    • It is often chosen to mark and celebrate significant milestones in life, symbolizing joy and positive experiences.
  3. Creative Enhancement:
    • This Moonstone is renowned for enhancing creativity and artistic inspiration.
    • It is believed to stimulate the imagination and encourage innovative thinking.
  4. Emotional Solace:
    • Beyond its symbolic significance, this Moonstone provides emotional solace.
    • The crystal is associated with soothing and calming emotional turbulence, promoting a sense of inner peace.
  5. Multifaceted Gem:
    • This Moonstone is a multifaceted gem appreciated by crystal enthusiasts worldwide.
    • Its diverse properties make it a versatile crystal with transformative potential in various aspects of life.
  6. Celebration of Milestones:
    • Due to its association with joy and positivity, this Moonstone is often chosen as a meaningful gift or talisman to celebrate life’s milestones.
  7. Connection to Goddess Energies:
    • This Moonstone is linked to the Triple Faces of the Goddess, emphasizing its connection to feminine energies and spiritual realms.
    • It is used in spiritual practices to invoke and connect with these energies.


A Prized Gemstone Through the Centuries

  1. Variety of Feldspars:
    • Moonstone isn’t a single mineral but a title given to a variety of Feldspars exhibiting a shimmering iridescence.
    • The captivating play of light on its surface sets Moonstone apart as a unique gemstone.
  2. Association with the Moon:
    • Moonstone has been closely linked to the moon throughout history.
    • Its shimmering and iridescent appearance is reminiscent of the moon’s ethereal glow.
  3. Talisman for Feminine Energies:
    • Moonstone is considered a powerful talisman for women and feminine energies.
    • It has associations with menstrual comfort, fertility enhancement, and easing childbirth pains.
  4. Historical Color Variation:
    • In history, Moonstones were predominantly white or cream-colored.
    • In the 20th century, black and peach iridescent stones were also categorized as Moonstones.
  5. Peach Moonstone Significance:
    • This Moonstone, associated with the new moon and specific full moons like the Harvest Moon, symbolizes the younger energy of the maiden and the bride.
  6. Symbolism in Lunar Cycles:
    • Moonstones, in general, symbolize feminine energies aligned with lunar cycles.
    • Peach Moonstone, while part of this symbolism, specifically embodies the energy of the maiden.
  7. Ideal for Beginners in Witchcraft:
    • This Moonstone is considered a wonderful stone for those new to Wicca and other forms of witchcraft.
    • It carries energies associated with new beginnings, making it suitable for those starting their spiritual journey.

Meaning & Energy:

This Moonstone offers a special connection between the heart and the individual will located in the solar plexus, harmonizing with the divine feminine energies present in other Moonstone varieties. It upholds Moonstone’s protective properties while directing the investigation of creative and loving energies, promoting personal development in these areas.

Peach Moonstone

Reigniting Passion and Self-Love

  1. Inward-Loving Essence:
    • This Moonstone is distinguished by its essence, which draws inward, fostering self-reflection and self-love.
  2. Transformative Role:
    • Plays a transformative role in reigniting passion for sources of joy in life.
    • Counteracts the clutter of daily thoughts and emotional reflections that may obscure one’s authentic self.
  3. Reconnection with Inner Spirits:
    • Counters the disconnect that weakens the profound connection with inner spirits.
    • Illuminates the spark that fuels passions and brings a renewed sense of purpose.
  4. Self-Loving Vibrations:
    • Emanates self-loving vibrations that encourage positive self-care rituals.
    • Prompts individuals to engage in activities that bring joy and reinforce self-love.
  5. Cultivating Comfort Within:
    • Encourages revisiting cherished hobbies, exploring familiar places, or embracing new experiences.
    • These small gestures contribute to cultivating comfort within oneself.
  6. Foundation for Genuine Love:
    • Establishes a foundation for genuine love and connection with others.
    • As individuals embark on the journey of self-discovery and self-love, this Moonstone serves as a guiding companion.
NamePeach Moonstone
CompositionA variety of orthoclase feldspar, with an adularescent or schiller effect that gives it a peachy or milky appearance.
ColorPeach to light orange, often with a milky or pearly sheen.
LusterPearly to vitreous
TransparencyTranslucent to opaque
Hardness6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
FractureConchoidal to uneven
CleavagePerfect in one direction, good in another
Specific Gravity2.55 – 2.63
OccurrenceFound in various locations, often associated with pegmatite deposits and metamorphic rocks. Significant sources include Sri Lanka, India, and Madagascar.
UsesJewelry: Cut into cabochons or beads for use in rings, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces.
Metaphysical Beliefs: This Moonstone is associated with intuition, emotional balance, and feminine energy. It is often used in spiritual practices.
AdularescenceExhibits an adularescent effect, also known as schiller or sheen, where the color seems to move or float just below the surface.
Care TipsThis Moonstone is relatively soft and should be handled with care to prevent scratches. Clean with a soft cloth and mild soap, avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals.
Spiritual BeliefsThis Moonstone is believed to enhance intuition, promote emotional healing, and connect with the energies of the moon. It is associated with the sacral and heart chakras.
NoteThis Moonstone is a captivating gemstone known for its beautiful peachy color and the mesmerizing adularescent effect, making it a popular choice in jewelry and spiritual practices.


This Moonstone is valued for its delicate peach color and the enchanting adularescent effect that gives it a unique and mystical appearance. It is often used in jewelry and is associated with intuitive and emotional healing properties in metaphysical beliefs.

Spiritual Healing Properties:

  1. Goddess and Lunar Energy:
    • All Moonstones, including Peach Moonstone, evoke the energy of the Goddess and the soothing, feminine essence of the Moon.
  2. Warm and Bright Energy:
    • This Moonstone radiates warm and bright energy, reminiscent of moonlight on a hot summer evening.
    • Symbolizes a time of sensual celebration and vibrant psychic power.
  3. Stone of New Beginnings:
    • Serves as a stone of new beginnings, illuminating visions, dreams, and providing clarity for charting a clear path forward in life.
  4. Kundalini Activation:
    • Activates the Kundalini Serpent energy, stimulating spiritual awakening and the exploration of higher consciousness.
  5. Tantric Sexuality:
    • Encourages the exploration of tantric sexuality as a means of worship and establishing sacred connections.
    • Facilitates a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects of intimate relationships.
  6. Psychic Enhancement:
    • Enhances psychic abilities and intuition, opening channels for spiritual insights and heightened awareness.
  7. Emotional Healing:
    • Aids in emotional healing, bringing a sense of joy, peace, and emotional balance.
    • Promotes self-love and compassion, fostering a positive emotional state.

Emotional Healing Properties:

Warm Feminine EnergyEmits a warm feminine energy that facilitates a deeper understanding of emotions.
Internal Safety and GroundingGuides individuals in creating a steady sense of internal safety and grounding. Prevents feeling overwhelmed by emotions or challenging situations.
Emotional IntelligenceTeaches emotional intelligence, providing tools to navigate complex emotional terrain with ease. Encourages a balanced and harmonious emotional state.
Comfort with VulnerabilitySupports the development of emotional vulnerability within healthy relationships. Creates an environment where individuals feel comfortable expressing their emotions.
Strengthening IntuitionStrengthens feminine intuition, especially in matters of relationships. Enhances the ability to perceive and understand subtle emotional nuances.
Patience and TimingImparts the value of patience, encouraging individuals to wait for the right time rather than forcing outcomes. Promotes a sense of divine timing in various aspects of life.
Open-Hearted ReceptivityJoyfully invites an open-hearted and receptive attitude toward life and its blessings. Fosters a positive and optimistic outlook on emotional experiences.

Mental Healing Properties:

Peach Moonstone
  1. Sudden Inspiration and Intuition:
    • Acts as a catalyst for sudden inspiration and intuitive knowing.
    • Encourages openness to serendipity and spontaneity.
  2. Trust in Divine Plan:
    • Inspires trust in the belief that everything is unfolding according to a higher Divine plan.
    • Helps individuals surrender to the flow of life with confidence.
  3. Calmness and Logical Exploration:
    • Calms overreactions and provides a serene mental state.
    • Facilitates a balanced exploration of emotional triggers through both logic and intuition.
  4. Questioning Emotional Accuracy:
    • Encourages individuals to question the accuracy of emotions and their alignment with real-life situations.
    • Promotes a mindful evaluation of emotional responses.
  5. Reality Check for Emotions:
    • Assists in testing and aligning emotions with the reality of situations.
    • Helps individuals gauge whether emotional responses are proportionate to real-life events.
  6. Balancing Emotional Responses:
    • Gently guides individuals in balancing emotional responses to achieve a harmonious and logical perspective.
    • Aids in bringing emotional reactions in line with a more accurate assessment of circumstances.

Physical Healing Properties:

Recommended for PubertySpecifically recommended for young individuals going through puberty.
Moderates Emotional ResponsesAssists in moderating emotional responses to fluctuating hormones during the puberty phase.
Conscious RecognitionFacilitates conscious recognition of how chemical reactions in the physical body influence perceptions. Enhances awareness of the mind-body connection during periods of change.
Adjustment to Monthly RhythmsEspecially beneficial for young women adjusting to new monthly rhythms. Provides soothing energy during the transitional phases of the menstrual cycle.
Soothing during PMSActs as a sweet talisman during premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Alleviates emotional sensitivity and helps navigate triggers related to hormonal changes.
Support for Emotional SensitivityServes as a supportive crystal for individuals of any age experiencing emotional sensitivity. Provides comfort during times of major changes to the body.
Exaggeration of EmotionsAids in recognizing and addressing the exaggeration of emotions, especially during hormonal shifts. Encourages a balanced perspective on emotions related to physical changes.


chakra for Peach Moonstone

Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana):

Chakra AffiliationSacral Chakra (Swadhisthana)
Imbalance IndicatorsFeelings of being separated from natural rhythms, exhaustion.
Balanced StateEasier acceptance of growth and changes, enhanced libido, creativity boost.
Peach Moonstone RoleStimulates the Sacral Chakra to balance natural cycles.
BenefitsRecognizes emotional patterns, encourages creativity expression, activates confidence.

Zodiac Association:


Aries CharacteristicsMoonstone Birthstone Influence
Brave and Vivacious CharacterWearing this Moonstone jewelry strengthens Aries’ brave and vivacious character.
Manifestation SupportAids Aries individuals in manifesting their dreams and goals.


Cancer CharacteristicsMoonstone Influence
Emotional Balance and HealingEncourages emotional balance and healing for sensitive Cancer individuals.
Loving and Intuitive TraitsFosters loving and intuitive traits, supporting Cancer’s nurturing nature.


Libra CharacteristicsMoonstone Influence
Capacity for Balance and HarmonyThis Moonstone sterling silver jewelry improves Libra’s capacity for balance and harmony.
Interpersonal EnhancementEnhances interpersonal interactions, fostering peace and understanding.


Scorpio Characteristics Moonstone Influence
Transformation of Negative EmotionsRenowned for powerful energy, this Moonstone helps Scorpios transform negative emotions.
Personal Development and Emotional ShiftsPromotes personal development and positive emotional shifts.


Pisces Characteristics Moonstone Influence
Intuition and CompassionStrengthens intuition and compassion for Pisces individuals.
Spiritual GrowthAssists in opening up to the spiritual side, fostering spiritual growth.

Best combinations:

Peach Moonstone
Properties Rainbow MoonstoneSunstoneLabradorite
Source of EnergyLove and feminine energyJoy, balance, and vitalityPowerful metaphysical properties
Emotional BenefitsProvides mental clarity and shields from negative emotionsStimulates healing and positive emotional patternsHelps break old patterns, behaviors, or habits
Spiritual ConnectionActivates transformation and spiritual connectionStrengthens overall well-being for a healthier lifestyleSharpens intuition and enhances creativity
TransformationYesYesFacilitates self-discovery and connection to higher realms


CountryLocations where This Moonstone is found
BrazilVarious regions in Brazil
IndiaMines in India, particularly known for producing quality Peach Moonstone
MadagascarDeposits found in certain areas of Madagascar
Myanmar (Burma)Mines in Myanmar (Burma)
Sri LankaKnown for producing high-quality Moonstone
SwitzerlandSome deposits located in Switzerland
NorwayCertain regions in Norway
AustraliaSpecific locations in Australia
GermanyMines in Germany
TanzaniaDeposits found in Tanzania
United StatesVarious locations in the United States, contributing to the global production

Quality and Treatment:


  1. Color and Adolescence:
    • High-quality Moonstones exhibit a bright orange color with minimal cleavage.
    • The best Moonstones showcase a peach sheen (Adolescence) and high clarity.
    • Look for stones with a vibrant, peachy hue for superior quality.

Judging Quality:

  1. Sheen and Clarity:
    • Adolescence, the phenomenon giving Moonstone its value, is crucial for judging quality.
    • Optimal moonstones possess a peach sheen, indicative of high-grade specimens.
    • Clarity in the stone contributes to its overall quality.

Sensitivity and Care:

  1. Softness and Breakage:
    • This Moonstones are soft and prone to breaking due to internal cleavage.
    • Choose high-quality stones with bright orange color and less cleavage.
    • Not recommended for rings due to their sensitivity; better suited for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.
  2. Avoiding High Heat:
    • Moonstones are sensitive to high temperatures and sudden changes.
    • Exposure to hydrofluoric acid can cause harm; prevent these stones from high heat.
    • Clean with lukewarm soapy water; avoid ultrasonic and steam cleaners to maintain quality.
  3. Quality Factors:
    • Consider three key factors: body-color, background color, and orientation of the sheen.
    • Stones stable in these aspects are deemed high quality.
    • Adhere to preventive measures to avoid breakdowns and maintain the stone’s integrity.

How to use this Moonstone?

Peach Moonstone
Use CaseBenefits
On Sacral Chakra– Bring balance to your Sacral chakra by carrying or placing this Moonstone close to your belly button.
– Stimulate fertility in reproductive organs, making it beneficial for women.
– Use during meditation to open the Sacral chakra and release blockages.
Under Pillow– Harness the soothing vibrations of Peach Moonstone at night.
– Aid relaxation, providing relief to the body, mind, and soul.
– Improve sleep quality, especially for those who struggle with overthinking.
As Jewelry– Incorporate this Moonstone into your attire as jewelry (necklace, bracelet, ring, or pendant).
– Experience genuine effects, from comfort during menstruation to reduced childbirth pain and improved fertility.
– Connect with this Moonstone’s energy throughout the day by wearing it consistently.
– Pair it with other stones for enhanced benefits and energetic synergy.


This Moonstone is a mesmerizing gemstone known for its soothing peach hue and unique adularescence. Its metaphysical properties, promoting emotional balance and feminine energy, make it a cherished crystal for both jewelry and spiritual practices. Whether worn for its beauty or utilized for its holistic benefits, this Moonstone invites a sense of serenity, intuition, and creativity into one’s life. Embrace its subtle yet powerful energies for a journey of self-discovery and emotional well-being.


  1. What is Peach Moonstone?
    • This Moonstone is a gemstone known for its captivating peach hue and unique adularescence, creating a soft glowing effect.
  2. What are the metaphysical properties of this Moonstone?
    • This Moonstone is believed to promote emotional balance, feminine energy, serenity, intuition, and creativity.
  3. How can this Moonstone be used in jewelry?
    • This Moonstone is a popular choice for jewelry, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to accessories like rings, necklaces, and earrings.
  4. What spiritual practices involve this Moonstone?
    • Many individuals incorporate this Moonstone into meditation and healing rituals to harness its holistic benefits for emotional well-being.
  5. Is this Moonstone associated with any specific health benefits?
    • While not a substitute for professional medical advice, this Moonstone is thought by some to have positive effects on reproductive health and hormonal balance.
  6. How does this Moonstone contribute to self-discovery?
    • The subtle energies of this Moonstone are believed to assist individuals on a journey of self-discovery, fostering a deeper connection with their emotions and inner selves.
  7. Can this Moonstone be worn every day?
    • Yes, this Moonstone is durable enough to be worn daily, but like any gemstone, it may benefit from proper care to maintain its luster.

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