Honey Calcite

Honey Calcite: Energies, Benefits, and Insights

What is Honey Calcite?

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Honey Calcite Crystal, also recognized as Golden or Amber Calcite, is a prevalent calcium carbonate mineral occurring in masses and rhombohedral forms.Derived from the Greek word ‘Calix,’ meaning lime, its name reflects its composition and structure.This crystal boasts numerous healing properties, facilitating emotional balance and stress reduction. It aids in enhancing mental clarity and focus, facilitating sound decision-making processes.

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Attributes of Honey Crystal:

Communication Enhancement: Calcite Crystal facilitates improved communication between individuals, aiding in the expression of ideas, emotions, and perspectives.

Discovery of Common Ground:

It helps in the identification and exploration of shared interests, values, and goals, fostering understanding and harmony among people.

Distinctive Coloration:

Characterized by warm golden or honey-like hues, this Calcite derives its color from iron impurities present within the mineral structure.

Rhombohedral Form:

The crystal typically exhibits a rhombohedral form, reflecting its composition of calcium carbonate mineral.

Prevalence and Origin:

This Calcite is commonly found, with Mexico being a notable source of this mineral variety. Its widespread occurrence contributes to its availability for various uses and applications.

Meaning & Energy:

The word “calcite” comes from the Greek word “Calix,” which means “lime” in English. These are common and plentiful minerals found on Earth. The chemical formula for honey calcite is CaCO3. Honey calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral that is easily found in a variety of geological settings and is a member of the calcite family.

Honey Calcite crystinfoz.com

Spiritual Cleansing and Amplification:

  • This Calcite serves as a potent spiritual cleanser, enhancing the vibrations of surrounding gemstones.
  • When placed in an area, it clears negativity from the environment, fostering bodily vitality and well-being.
  • The stone’s cleansing properties extend to physiological illness treatment by eliminating toxic frequencies from the atmosphere and astral planes.

Elevated Awareness and Supernatural Abilities:

  • Correlated with elevated awareness, this Calcite aids in the development of supernatural abilities.
  • It establishes a connection between emotions and cognition, fostering inner strength and understanding.
  • This Calcite combats weariness and restores drive and confidence, particularly for those losing faith.

Enhanced Mental Attributes:

  • Improves concentration and relaxes the mind, enabling better judgment and discernment of important matters.
  • Relieves stress and promotes peace, acting as a grounding stone to accept intuition, emotions, judgments, and conclusions.
  • Signifies mental fortitude, providing medicinal benefits and fostering mental sharpness and the courage to advocate for what is right.

Resilience and Confidence:

  • Strengthens mental stamina and resilience, aiding in emotional healing and overcoming challenges.
  • Enhances self-assurance, authority, commitment, and duty, particularly when combined with Kyanite.
  • Facilitates bouncing back from difficult situations, breaking away from negative energy, and fostering a transparent and joyful outlook on life.
NameHoney Calcite
CompositionCalcium carbonate (CaCO3), a carbonate mineral and a variety of calcite.
ColorHoney yellow to golden brown hues, resembling the color of honey.
LusterVitreous to resinous
TransparencyTransparent to translucent
Hardness3 on the Mohs scale
Crystal SystemTrigonal
FractureConchoidal to uneven
CleavagePerfect in three directions
Specific Gravity2.71 – 2.94
OccurrenceFound in various locations worldwide, often in sedimentary rocks, limestone, and marble deposits.
UsesOrnamental: Used for carving, cabochons, and decorative items due to its warm color and translucency.
Metaphysical Beliefs: Associated with energy amplification, vitality, and emotional healing.
Care TipsThis Calcite is relatively soft and can be scratched easily. Handle with care and avoid exposure to acids. Clean with a soft brush or cloth and mild soap.
Spiritual BeliefsThis Calcite is believed to enhance personal power, confidence, and courage while fostering a sense of optimism and joy. It is associated with the solar plexus chakra.
NoteThis Calcite’s warm golden tones and translucency make it a popular choice for both ornamental and metaphysical purposes. It is cherished for its uplifting and energizing properties.



This Calcite, with its warm golden hues reminiscent of honey, is valued for its energy amplifying properties and association with personal power and optimism.

Physical Benefits:

The powerful vibration and physical healing properties of this calcite crystal are widely believed to invigorate the body and maintain general well-being.

SystemHealing Properties
Circulatory– Aids in blood regulation – Enables proper blood flow – Prevents blood clotting
Skin– Promotes skin rejuvenation – Improves skin conditions
Urinary– Strengthens gall bladder – Improves toxin excretion
Eye Health– Revitalizes eye, nose, ears, tongue, and skin functions – Enhances perception and observation for information processing
Digestive– Strengthens stomach – Helps in proper digestion – Alleviates intestine disorders and symptoms
Metabolism– Aids in nutrient to energy conversion – Ensures even energy distribution throughout body organs
Detoxification– Aids in excretion of toxins and waste products – Cleanses body organs – Improves organ functions
Tissue– Strengthens connective tissue – Improves ease of movement and flexibility
Skeletal– Fortifies bone growth – Helps prevent calcium deficiency
Teeth– Assists in strengthening teeth
Organs– Cleanses and improves internal organs – Strengthens heart and kidneys – Prevents kidney degeneration and palpitations
Reproduction– Boosts female and male reproductive organs – Assists in fertility for safe childbirth
Cancer– Provides support and comfort to cancer patients
Energy– Dissolves stagnant energy – Brings feelings of being energized – Prevents drowsiness, lethargy, and laziness – Enables ease of movement, higher stamina, and endurance

Emotional Benefits:

Strongly healing, this calcite combines the energy of Earth, Wind, and Fire to help calm the mind, balance emotions, and change behavior.

Honey Calcite crystinfoz.com

Enhancement of Memory:

  • Facilitates good information recall and retention, aiding in memory improvement.

Protection from Negative Energies:

  • Shields individuals from low vibrational people, things, and situations that do not benefit them.

Balance and Harmony:

  • Equalizes enthusiasm and sets parameters for giving and receiving, counterbalancing polar energies within the individual.

Fear Dispelling:

  • Dispels dreadful feelings and clears fear-based and self-limiting thoughts, providing assurance and boosting persistence.

Grounding and Presence of Mind:

  • Emits strong earth energy, promoting timelessness, presence of mind, prioritization, and good time management.

Opportunity Realization:

  • Aids in realizing and aiming for ambitions, dreams, goals, and aspirations, enabling efficient work towards desired outcomes.

Guidance and Examination:

  • Provides guidance and assists in clearing and examining situations for the individual’s well-being, facilitating clear examination of past situations and present circumstances.

Mental Clarity and Cognitive Enhancement:

  • Provides strong energy that clears the mind and enhances cognitive thinking, concentration, mental focus, and alertness.

Energy and Motivation:

  • This calcite assists in overcoming procrastination or laziness by boosting motivation and drive.

Depression Management:

  • Helps manage and balance mood, emotions, and temperament, aiding in overcoming feelings of depression or hopelessness.


  • Boosts personal power, enabling individuals to handle and overcome obstacles, trials, and tribulations confidently.

Relationship Strengthening:

  • Strengthens healthy bonds between individuals, fostering strong relationships.

Effective Communication:

  • Assists in effective communication, especially in group settings, enhancing understanding and collaboration.

Stress Alleviation:

  • With its soft and soothing vibration, honey calcite helps alleviate stress and induces relaxation.

Enhanced Self-Confidence:

  • Boosts self-worth, self-trust, and self-esteem, empowering individuals to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Promotion of True Love:

  • Fortifies self-love and enables understanding and acceptance of one’s shortcomings and flaws.

Kindness and Release of Anger:

  • Helps release feelings of anger or resentment toward oneself and others, promoting kindness and forgiveness.

Encouragement of Wisdom:

  • Teaches discernment and encourages responsibility and liability for actions and behaviors, facilitating good decision-making.

Promotion of Enthusiasm:

  • Promotes positivity and constructive thinking, rejuvenating energy and enthusiasm.

Emotional Stability:

  • Assists in aligning emotions and thoughts toward desired behavior and outcomes, promoting stability and balance.

Facilitation of Learning and Knowledge Acquisition:

  • Aids in learning new skills and acquiring information, improving intellectual ability and analytical thinking.

Support during Transitions:

  • Promotes healthy coping behavior and supports adaptation to changes within oneself or the environment.

Metaphysical Properties:

The powerful vibration and physical healing properties of thiscalcite crystal are widely believed to invigorate the body and maintain general well-being.

Honey Calcite crystinfoz.com
AspectHealing Properties
Protection– Eliminates negative energies – Cleanses auric field – Provides protective armor against negative energy
Aura– Clears negative energies from auric fields and etheric bodies
Psychic Ability– Supports discovery, enhancement, and development of psychic abilities such as astral projection, intuition
Spiritual Development– Clears blockages in energy system – Promotes spiritual growth and development
Astral Travel– Facilitates safe astral projection and exploration of higher realms and dimensions
Spiritual Awakening– Aids in expansion of consciousness – Enhances psychic abilities
Intuition– Deepens understanding of interrelatedness and divine purpose
Manifestation– Assists in turning thoughts and ideas into reality
Harmony– Supports equilibrium and synchronization of mind, body, and soul


Honey Calcite crystinfoz.com

Third Eye Chakra:

Healing Properties
– Heightens intuition and spiritual understanding of life and human experiences.
– Facilitates better assessment and perception of people and situations.
– Enhances the ability to perceive subtle energies and spiritual truths.

Solar Plexus Chakra:

Healing Properties
– Balances the solar plexus, intensifying the life instinct and personal power.
– Encourages individuals to live life to the fullest and reach their utmost potential.
– Boosts confidence, self-esteem, and assertiveness.

Crown Chakra:

Healing Properties
– Connects with the crown chakra, strengthening the link between mind and spirit.
– Expands awareness and consciousness to higher spiritual realms.
– Facilitates spiritual growth, enlightenment, and inner wisdom.

Sacral Chakra:

Healing Properties
– Resonates with the sacral chakra, boosting creativity and artful thinking.
– Inspires innovative ideas and encourages expression through art, music, and other creative endeavors.
– Enhances emotional balance and harmony in relationships.

Zodiac Connection:

Zodiac SignHealing Properties
Cancer– Enhances nurturing qualities – Promotes emotional healing and stability
Leo– Amplifies natural confidence and creativity
Pisces– Assists in deepening intuition and spiritual connection

Crystal Combinations:


  • Pyrite enhances abundance and prosperity.
  • Combining it with honey calcite is believed to attract abundance in all aspects of life.


  • Selenite promotes spiritual growth, ascension, and access to higher realms.
  • Pairing it with this calcite enhances exploration of higher consciousness and expands awareness.


  • Fluorite aids in mental focus and cognitive clarity.
  • When combined with this calcite, it improves attention, determination, and cognitive thinking.


  • Turquoise facilitates effective communication and expression of thoughts.
  • Paired with honey calcite, it balances emotions and promotes clear communication.

Black Obsidian:

  • Black Obsidian offers protection and dissolves negative energy.
  • When paired with this calcite, it strengthens the shield against negative energies during meditation and healing sessions.

Clear Quartz:

  • Clear Quartz amplifies energy and enhances mystical powers.
  • Combining it with honey calcite boosts the energy of this calcite and amplifies its metaphysical properties.


Honey Calcite crystinfoz.com
Tumbled stonesSmall, polished pieces suitable for carrying in pockets or using during meditation sessions.
JewelryFashionable accessories like bracelets, necklaces, and earrings crafted from this calcite.
Home decorCarved decorative objects such as figurines or bookends, designed to infuse living spaces with positive energy.
Massage toolsSmooth massage wands made from this calcite, believed to aid in relaxation and healing when used on the body.
Crystal gridsCombining this calcite with other crystals to construct potent grids for manifestation or energy manipulation.

Meditation and Grounding:

Meditation Aid:

  • This calcite is highly effective for meditation, thanks to its powerful energy.
  • It helps in removing mental clutter and distractions, facilitating mindfulness during meditation practices.

Subconscious Exploration:

  • The crystal’s wind energy assists in delving into the subconscious mind.
  • It enables astral travel to higher realms, fostering spiritual growth and development.

Grounding Energy:

  • This calcite harnesses strong earth energy, promoting peaceful grounding of energy to the planet.
  • This grounding effect instills feelings of assurance, gratitude, and security, fostering a positive mindset and enabling individuals to manifest abundance in various aspects of life.


Mexico– Primary deposit known for abundant reserves of this Calcite
– Rich in warm golden or amber hues, attributed to iron impurities within the mineral
– This Calcite occurs in masses and rhombohedral forms, contributing to its widespread occurrence and availability

How to Charge and Clean?

Thiscalcite stone helps to support other stones that need to be cleared and recharged on a regular basis in order to maintain their powers and efficacy. It is also a potent amplifier and energy cleanser. It is best to leave it overnight in the moonlight, particularly during a full moon. It’s not a bad idea to charge it with the energy of the earth, bury it underground, and leave it there for a few days or overnight. Another way to clean it is to submerge it in a saltwater bowl. Smudging also works well; all it takes is burning some dried sage leaves and circling the crystal to accomplish the desired effect.

Full Moon CleansingGround CleansingSalt CleansingSmudging
Utilize full moon energy.Return crystals to the earth.Use salt to remove negative energies.Clear negative energies with sage.
Place crystals in moonlight.Dig a hole in soil.Fill jar/bowl with sea salt.Light sage bundle.
Absorb moonlight vibrations.Place plate in hole.Place stones on salt.Blow out flame.
Remove before sunrise.Bury stones on plate.Cover with cloth.Wave stones through smoke.
Can set stones on charging grid.Mark spot for retrieval.Wait a day or two.Use fire-safe bowl.
Retrieve after a week.Clean with soft cloth/brush.Ensure proper ventilation.


This Calcite exhibits remarkable properties and versatile uses. Its warm color and gentle energy make it a popular choice for enhancing creativity, motivation, and personal growth. With its ability to cleanse and amplify energies, this Calcite serves as a valuable tool for meditation, emotional healing, and spiritual balance. Whether as a decorative piece, a healing stone, or a meditation aid, this Calcite offers a range of benefits that resonate with individuals seeking positivity and vitality in their lives.


  1. What is Honey Calcite?
    • This Calcite is a variety of calcite mineral known for its warm honey-like color and translucent appearance.
  2. What are the properties of Honey Calcite?
    • This Calcite is believed to enhance creativity, motivation, and personal growth. It has a gentle energy that promotes emotional healing, spiritual balance, and clarity of mind.
  3. How is this Calcite used for healing?
    • This Calcite is often used in crystal healing to cleanse and amplify energies, balance chakras, and promote vitality and well-being.
  4. What are the spiritual benefits of this Calcite?
    • This Calcite is thought to stimulate the sacral and solar plexus chakras, encouraging confidence, optimism, and a sense of empowerment. It can also aid in overcoming obstacles and manifesting goals.
  5. Can this Calcite be used for meditation?
    • Yes, this Calcite is valued as a meditation aid for its calming and grounding properties. It helps quiet the mind, deepen concentration, and facilitate spiritual insights.
  6. Where is this Calcite found?
    • This Calcite is found in various locations worldwide, including Brazil, Mexico, the United States, and other regions with calcite deposits.
  7. How should I care for my this Calcite crystals?
    • This Calcite should be cleansed regularly using methods such as sunlight, moonlight, or smudging with sage. It is also advisable to handle it gently to prevent scratches or damage to its surface.

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