Angelite: Meanings and Healing Properties Revealed

What Is Angelite?

Angelite is a real mineral, not just a crystal. Known by its scientific name, anhydrite, its surprises gypsum by removing the water molecules from its chemical makeup.

PropertyGypsum (CaSO4·2H2O)Anhydrite or Angelite (CaSO4)
Chemical CompositionCalcium sulfate with 2 water moleculesCalcium sulfate without water molecules
FormationTypically exhibits water moleculesForms when gypsum loses water content, transforming into Angelite
Preferred LocationsVarious environmentsSedimentary basins, tidal flats, arid coastal regions
Transformation with HeatUnder heat, gypsum becomes AngeliteN/A
Geological OccurrenceCommonFound in sedimentary basins, tidal flats, arid coastal regions, hydrothermal veins

If you ever see raw Anhydrite, you may notice a faint shimmer that is endearing even though it isn’t as dazzling as quartz. Its unique’sugary’ texture comes from its crystal formation, which sets it apart from other minerals.

  • Identifying this crystal can be challenging, akin to finding a needle in a haystack of minerals.
  • Resembles gypsum, calcite, or halite, adding to the confusion.
  • Gem enthusiasts and collectors face the task of decoding a secret code to distinguish these minerals based on their physical characteristics.
  • The process is likened to a detective game about minerals.
  • Despite the difficulty, the effort is considered worthwhile.


The celebrity mineral anhydrite is also referred to as angelite. It’s a Greek term that means “without water,” “anhydrous.” This is not merely a peculiarity of language; it represents the chemical nature of the mineral as a desiccated sibling of gypsum, with a composition similar to that of gypsum but without the water.

Practical Uses Beyond Aesthetics:

  • Raw anhydrite, with its alluring blue shade, is not just a decorative element.
  • The practical twist: it serves as a soil conditioner in agriculture.
  • High calcium content in anhydrite acts as a nutritional boost for the soil.
  • Enhances the overall health of the soil, contributing to better plant growth.
  • Demonstrates a dual role, both visually appealing and agriculturally beneficial.

Anhydrite isn’t limited to jewelry cases. It is a background player in the industry, performing magic in the creation of plasters, paints, varnishes, and building supplies like sheetrock and joint compounds. Talk about adaptability.Anhydrite does play a role in chemical reactions, particularly in the building sector, but it is more of a supporting cast member in the synthesis of sulfuric acid. Angelite seems to have a whole other life in addition to its gorgeous appearance.


This crystal is similar to a canvas with a variety of blue tones, from a soft glacier blue to a powdery blue. Certain examples even incorporate a tinge of gray, lending the blue a faintly steely appearance, or a soft periwinkle hue for an added touch of allure.

Angelite -

Color Variation:

  • Blue anhydrite takes the spotlight with its captivating hue.
  • However, this stone is a chameleon, displaying occasional colors like violet, white, pink, gray, or brown.
  • These diverse hues are the result of impurities within the stone, adding a unique and rare touch.
  • The color variation enhances the stone’s aesthetic appeal, making each piece distinctive.

Most of these pieces have some translucency, but some practically flaunt their transparency. And now for the transformation: certain pieces may seem more opaque following a thorough cut and polish. Anhydrites natural luster is similar to a pearly glow, but with a little extra care and polishing, it can shine even brighter. Giving it the VIP treatment to achieve that stunning, radiant finish is like that.


Indeed, there is more significance behind the name “Angelite.” Translation: “without water.” It’s like a linguistic snapshot.It belongs to this cool group of stones that don’t contain any water or hydration.

Angelite -
CompositionA form of anhydrite, which is a sulfate mineral. Angelite is a soft, blue to lilac mineral that forms from the hydration of anhydrite.
ColorBlue to lilac
Crystal SystemOrthorhombic
Hardness3 – 3.5 on the Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent to translucent
CleavagePerfect in three directions, forming prisms
Specific Gravity2.9
OccurrenceFound in sedimentary rocks, often in evaporite deposits. Major sources include Peru, Germany, Mexico, and the United States.
UsesOrnamental Use: Carved into figurines, spheres, and other decorative items.
Metaphysical Beliefs: Thought to enhance communication with angels and promote spiritual awareness.
  1. Spiritual Enhancement:
    • Anhydrite serves as more than just an aesthetically pleasing stone; it acts as a spiritual sidekick, elevating consciousness to new levels.
  2. Emotional Calming:
    • The energy of Anhydrite is likened to a calming force that soothes waves of fear, anxiety, and anger, creating a serene atmosphere.
  3. Zen Master Vibes:
    • It embodies the essence of a Zen master in stone form, bringing a sense of peace and tranquility.
  4. Astrological Association:
    • Anhydrite is associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius, aligning its distinct vibes with cosmic influences.

This stone is skilled at finding the sweet spots. It is in harmony with the throat, which helps us speak our truths; the third eye, which develops intuition; and the crown, which opens our channels to higher planes. It provides us with an additional boost of spiritual harmony, akin to a trio of cosmic alignment.

Metaphysical Properties :

This stone has a calm, soothing energy and is believed to enhance spirituality and spiritual awareness. Many think it dispels fear, anger, and anxiety while encouraging self-expression and communication.

Metaphysical AssociationsThis stone opens several chakras, including Crown, Third Eye, and Throat, stimulating the pineal gland for enhanced psychic visions. It creates a subtle energetic cord to the world around us.
Healing EnergyThat crystal is a healer’s crystal that opens and balances the ether and air elements. It can be charged with incense, smudge sticks, positive affirmations, and seed mantras for optimal results.
Deities and RulershipRuled by the Greek Goddess of Vegetation, Ariadne, the Greek Goddess of Youth, Hebe, the Gamilaraayan Creator Spirit, Yhi, and the Celtic Goddess of Fire, Brigid. Angelite is influenced by the planetary bodies of Moon (bringing perception) and Uranus (enhancing psychic vision).
Wisdom and PowerIt is associated with wisdom and power found in the ethereal and astral planes.
Mediumship and Otherworldly ConnectionsOffers benefits in me

Spiritual Properties:

Anhydrite healing properties include telepathy, strong instincts, advanced intuition, and psychic abilities.This gemstone is excellent for spiritual healing and the Third Eye Chakra. In your waking life, use it frequently and carry it with you, close at hand, or by your side. You’ll become adept at psychic perception over time.

Healing Property/AssociationDescription
Activates Psychic AbilitiesIt promotes telepathy, potent instincts, advanced intuition, and other psychic gifts and powers. It is a powerful Third Eye Chakra and spiritual healing gemstone. Regular use can enhance psychic perception naturally over time.
Awakens Your Astral BodyIt aids in awakening the astral body for activities such as astral travel, astral projection, and extrasensory phenomena. It can be used as a dream stone after proper cleansing and charging, perpetually charging itself as its own source of subtle and spiritual energy.
Amplifies Angel ContactKnown as the Angel Stone, Anhydrite is perfect for angelic contact. It serves as a conduit for higher consciousness, wisdom, energy, and insight to flow through. Researching main archangels can enhance the healing light and energy received.
Stimulates Subtle CommunicationIt enhances spirit communication, angel contact, and advanced forms of communication like telepathy. Engaging in a conscious 3-day fast or a one-day water cleanse while tuning into the auric field of this crystal can facilitate guidance.
Promotes Higher TruthIdeal for uncovering higher truths in personal life and discovering authentic inner voice. Incorporating pale or light blue colors into daily routines through color therapy alongside crystal healing activities can amplify intentions and metaphysical properties.
Clairvoyance and MediumshipThis gem is a rare stone for channeling, clairvoyance, and mediumship. Creating a sacred space and setting intentions to connect with higher self, divine light, angels, and deities can help access channeling powers and gifts for practical wisdom.

Healing Properties:

This gem is most effective when used for spiritual healing, but it can also be used for physical healing without hesitation. As everyone knows, having an open mind can have a significant positive impact on one’s health; the angelic stone Anhydrite is no exception.

  1. Thyroid Balance:
    • Anhydrite serves as a wonderful stone for aiding in the balancing of the thyroid gland.
  2. Throat Infection Recovery:
    • It supports the body in recovering from throat infections, contributing to overall throat health.
  3. Blood Vessel Renewal:
    • Anhydrite is known to assist in blood vessel renewal, promoting cardiovascular health and a fully functioning heart.
  4. General Well-being:
    • Nourishing overall health and well-being, Anhydrite can contribute to the body’s vitality and proper functioning.
  5. Headache Relief:
    • It may play a role in relieving headaches, providing a natural remedy for such discomfort.
  6. Weight Loss Support:
    • Angelite is believed to support weight loss efforts, potentially aiding individuals in their fitness journeys.
  7. Recovery from Illness:
    • The stone is associated with aiding the body’s recovery from illnesses, contributing to a faster healing process.
Healing Property/AssociationDescription
Subtle PerceptionIt enhances all aspects of subtle perception, illuminating the higher mind and accompanying mental and spiritual abilities. It is beneficial for individuals of all genders, encouraging the honoring of sensitive and emotional nature. Drinking more water and consuming less dense foods is recommended.
Enhanced CreativityIt stimulates creative and artistic expression, fostering a genuine passion for creative endeavors. It can be used in various art, craft, projects, hobbies, or vocations, amplifying artistic gifts and promoting ingenious originality and innovation.
Amplified ImaginationDue to its link to the ether and astral planes, Anhydrite serves as a potent imagination sparker. Meditating or working with Anhydrite alongside other Crown Chakra crystals, such as Celestite, Selenite, or Blue Kyanite, enhances its qualities.
Sparks Inner GuidanceIt activates the inner voice, confidence, and self-empowerment, aligning with intuition. Combining discernment and instincts, logic and intuition, and rationality and spiritual thinking can aid in making the best decisions.
Alleviates Internal Energy BlockagesIt eases imbalances and relieves blockages on emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual planes. Meditating with Anhydrite and seeking guidance through communication with the crystal can be effective.
Instills Peace and TranquilityIt contributes to inner peace, serenity, mental clarity, emotional balance, and internal harmony. Researching the placement of Uranus in your birth (natal chart) and considering astrology alongside crystal healing can provide personalized insights on using Anhydrite based on the star sign under which Uranus falls.


There are different types of this crystal. These are used for different purposes.Different types are as follows:


Ideal for communicating with spirits and angels is colorless Anhydrite. It strengthens spiritual and divine perception, awareness, and subtle forms of communication.



This variety of Anhydrite, like colorless Angelite, helps you align with subtle energies and the spirit by strengthening your connection to the subconscious, astral, and dream realms. One’s intuition is greatly improved.



White-Gray supports the activation of intuitive guidance, including your inner voice, and helps you see past illusions. This one is great for growing in confidence and faith toward the universe.



Deep serenity, introspection, and heightened spiritual awareness are imparted by this variety of angelite. It can spark imagination and inventiveness. The meaning of Anhydrite is most aptly represented by White-Blue and Pale Blue Anhydrite.


5.Pale blue:

Pale Blue crystal properties include healing, connecting to higher realms, speaking your truth, communicating with angels, and communicating with yourself.

Pale blue-


If you’re looking for guidance and inspiration in less spiritually accessible angelic and light realms, Anhydrite is a fantastic substitute. Without taking you “all the way there,” this kind awakens your Third Eye and awakens your psychic abilities.

Blue-gray -

7.Light violet:

Light Violet Anhydrite stimulates your Third Eye, making it ideal for spiritual union with the Divine and higher self activation. Channels of expression and communication are open.

Light violet-

8.Pinkish or rose: 

Like Blue-Gray Anhydrite, this angelite is suitable for those who are just starting out and want to go a little deeper without going too far. This variety also activates your heart chakra and promotes self-love, romance, and emotional intelligence, among other Anhydrite benefits.

Pinkish or rose-

9.Reddish (murky blue): 

Reddish-tinged Murky Blue Anhydrite can inspire imagination, creativity, and a strong desire to speak your truth. You wish to speak up more and communicate honestly with people. It increases passion.

Reddish (murky blue)-


The Brown-Blue meaning symbolizes standing strong in your truth. Confidence, mental clarity, and inner strength are developed and increased in a way that allows you to speak and communicate without fear or apprehension.


What Chakra Is Anhydrite Good For?

The stone of the whispering chakras, is in harmony with the crown, third eye, and throat chakras. This is your go-to gem if you’re in need of some peace or tranquility, as it functions similarly to a spiritual multi tool. Think of it as your fear-busting ally that will help you remove obstacles from all areas of your life.

  1. Enhanced Forgiveness:
    • Anhydrite has the ability to increase one’s capacity for forgiveness, fostering a more forgiving and understanding mindset.
  2. Calm Environment:
    • The stone contributes to creating a calm and serene environment, amplifying its calming effects.
  3. Soul-Healing Salve:
    • Beyond physical healing, Anhydrite serves as a soul-healing salve, providing emotional support and addressing emotional baggage like guilt or grief.
  4. Emotional Rehabilitation:
    • It acts as an agent of emotional rehabilitation, aiding in the release and healing of emotional burdens.
  5. Calming Visual Treat:
    • The stone itself, with its soothing appearance, adds to the calming experience, offering a visual treat that complements its healing properties.

Here’s a pearl of wisdom for all you night owls out there: keeping Anhydrite by your bedside is like having a VIP pass to paradise. Both the quality of your sleep and the level of dream recall improve. Even simply having this crystal by your side feels like you’re slipping into a peaceful dream world.

Zodiac Birthstone:

Ahydrite is a perfect fit for our friends who are Aquarians. Imagine the water’s movement reflecting the serene tones of a lake in the summertime at first light. That is Anhydrite in all its splendor.

CharacteristicsAssociated with Aquarian traits of intelligence, assertiveness, and independence. Distinct breed with a cool streak of originality.
Personality TraitsIntelligent, assertive, fiercely independent, and often perceived as genuine originals.
Emotional AspectMay appear a little aloof, especially when emotions are involved.
PurposeServes as a celestial bridge, fostering deeper connections beyond surface relationships.
IntentionSupports Aquarians in maintaining meaningful and profound connections.
Metaphysical PropertiesAssociated with enhancing communication and understanding in relationships.
Relationship FocusGoes beyond surface-level connections, encouraging a deeper and more profound bond.

Anhydrite is like the personal guide for Aquarians, guiding them toward their greater purpose while maintaining their focus on the gentle pleasures and spiritual prosperity life has to offer.Anhydrite is known for its calming vibes, peaceful energy, and higher plane thinking. It’s similar to having a gem-shaped cosmic life coach.

How To Use?

  1. Feng Shui Practice:
    • Place this gem in your home to invite its healing powers.
    • Brings calm and peace to any household.
  2. Lucid Dreaming and Spirit Realm:
    • Put this stone under your pillow for lucid dreaming and connection to the spirit realm.
  3. Spiritual Practices (Reiki, Guardian Angels, Tarot):
    • Integrate that crystal into Reiki, Guardian Angels, and Tarot practices for new forms of energy.
  4. Jewelry:
    • Wear it in various forms of jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.
    • Avoid getting the crystal wet.
  5. Healing Properties:
    • Direct contact with the skin allows healing light to easily penetrate.
  6. Daily Carry:
    • Carry Anhydrite with you throughout the day.
    • Acts as a constant reminder to stay open and be ready to receive spiritual guidance.

How To Cleanse?

It’s totally worth it, but kind of like having a high-maintenance friend in the world of crystals. The details are as follows:It’s important to note that the stone functions much like a sponge for water. Make a mental note to keep it dry. It might not be the greatest fit for everyone because of this, making it a bit of a diva in the crystal family. It’s a needy one, so if you have one, be prepared for some extra care.

  1. Handle with Care:
    • Anhydrite is delicate and prone to marks and scratches, so it should be handled with great care.
  2. Avoid Sharp or Rough Surfaces:
    • Keep the stone away from sharp or rough surfaces to prevent damage.
  3. Mind the Temperature:
    • Anhydrite dislikes abrupt shifts or extremes in temperature, so it’s important to handle it with consideration.
  4. Avoid Drama:
    • The stone is sensitive to drama and may develop fractures if subjected to such antics.
  5. Keep Away from Water:
    • Anhydrite and water don’t mix well, so it’s advised to avoid wearing it during activities involving water, such as bathing, swimming, or working out.
  6. Use a Dry Cloth for Cleaning:
    • Clean the stone with a dry cloth, preferably a smooth and soft one, to maintain its pristine condition.

Anhydrite spa day now includes a sage smoker for purification. Allow it to spend a night under the full moon for a power nap; it will feel rejuvenated like it has been recharged by the cosmos.

Cleansing MethodDescription
Smoke/SmudgingWaft the smoke of sage, palo santo, frankincense resin, or any herbal smudge stick over Angelite to cleanse it.
Seed MantraChant the mantra OM into the crystal as a sound-based method to link with air and ether, effectively cleansing sensitive Anhydrite.
SunlightExpose Anhydrite to sunlight, particularly in the early morning, to harness the stone’s psychic properties for the removal of impurities and negative energies. Hold it under the sun for a few minutes before use.

A little of this crystal can be your safety net in trying times, helping you to become more compassionate. Rub these gems against your body while taking a bath as a small self-care ritual. It’s like clearing out what you don’t need and creating space for good energy to flow.

Where Is Found?

RegionNotable Deposits (Anhydrite)
United StatesArizona, California, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York
EuropeAustria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland
Other CountriesBrazil, Mexico, Canada


In the areas of spirituality, healing, and personal development, this crystal shows itself to be a potent and adaptable ally. Its versatility and potential to bring transformative energies into our lives are highlighted by its ability to blend in seamlessly with a variety of practices, such as Reiki and Feng Shui.

It demonstrates to be more than simply a lovely crystal—it is a channel for spiritual connection and holistic well-being. It can be used to decorate your home to promote peace and tranquility or tucked under your pillow to access the ethereal world of lucid dreaming. Whether you wear it as jewelry or carry it in your pocket as a steady companion, embracing Angelite in your daily life acts as a constant reminder to keep your mind open to receiving guidance from the spiritual world.

It is a timeless symbol of enlightenment and serenity that provides a way towards harmony and balance as we traverse the complexity of modern life. Thus, allow the soft energy of angelite to lead you, bringing healing light and uplifting vibrations into your life and promoting a spiritual awakening and self-discovery journey.


Q1.Where can I find Anhydrite and what does it mean?

Anhydrite’s sister mineral, is mostly found in areas where significant amounts of water have evaporated. It is found in a variety of sedimentary habitats, such as tidal flats, coastlines, and other geological areas. Globally, there are notable deposits in the US, Europe, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada, among other places.

Q2.In what ways is Anhydrite utilized in Feng Shui techniques?

Anhydrite can be used to attract healing energies and infuse your home with serenity and tranquility. It is thought to be advantageous for elevating the living area’s general energy.

Q3.Can lucid dreaming be improved by Anhydrite?

Yes, it is thought that putting Anhydrite under your pillow will help you lucid dream and make transitions into the spirit world easier.

Q4.How might Anhydrite be used in spiritual practices such as tarot and Reiki?

Anhydrite can be used to attract new energies in Reiki, Guardian Angel, and Tarot practices. It is believed that its presence improves spiritual encounters and connections.

Q5.How should jewelry containing Anhydrite be worn, and is it safe to wear?

Anhydrite is suitable for use in a variety of jewelry pieces, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. But it’s crucial to keep the crystal from getting wet. Healing light can easily penetrate when worn in direct contact with the skin.

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