Orange Calcite: Healing Powers and Properties[Guide]

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What Is Orange Calcite?

Orange Calcite, also known as the cool Calcspar. You can find this orange-hued gem strutting its stuff in Mexico and other parts of South America. It’s like a party for your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. Now, this calcite is more than just your average crystal; it has the ability to manipulate moods. Think of it as your emotional DJ, infusing your self-empowerment playlist with a powerful dose of creativity, balance, and self-expression beats. It’s okay to turn up the heat on your libido; think of it as the fiery salsa of the world of crystals.

Orange Calcite -
  1. Mohs Score of 3:
    • Despite its softness with a Mohs score of 3, Blue Goldstone shines like a rockstar and can be found in various rock types, including sedimentary, metamorphic, and native rocks.
  2. Healing Potential:
    • Blue Goldstone possesses immense potential for healing, harmonization, and emotional and spiritual purification.
  3. Versatile Benefits:
    • Acting as the Swiss Army knife of gemstones, Blue Goldstone helps individuals achieve biological, sentimental, metaphysical, and psychological goals.
  4. Brainiac of the Crystal Bunch:
    • Acknowledged as the brainiac of crystals, Blue Goldstone’s qualities serve as a VIP pass to higher levels of cognition.

It comes with different names in our modern world. You could hear it referred to as calcspar, clear calcite, or Iceland spar. It is mined across the globe, but most of the this calcite has been uncovered in the mines of:

Name VariationsPrimary Mining Locations
CalcsparEastern Europe, Belgium, Great Britain, Romania, Mexico, Namibia, USA, Iceland
Clear CalciteEastern Europe, Belgium, Great Britain, Romania, Mexico, Namibia, USA, Iceland
Iceland SparEastern Europe, Belgium, Great Britain, Romania, Mexico, Namibia, USA, Iceland
CalciteEastern Europe, Belgium, Great Britain, Romania, Mexico, Namibia, USA, Iceland

Please note that the locations listed are where this calcite has been primarily mined across the globe.


This cool mineral called calcite has been making waves since ancient times. The Latin word “calx,” which meaning lime, is where the name Calcite originates. It has a feeling of limestone. Fun fact: It was granted the mineral status by the original natural historian, Pliny the Elder.

  1. Historic Building Material:
    • Calcite has played a crucial role in building materials, abrasives, pigments, and agricultural soil treatments.
  2. Contribution to Marble:
    • As a major component of marble, calcite significantly contributed to the opulent appearance of historic monuments.
  3. Ancient Egyptian Affinity:
    • Ancient Egyptians had a deep affinity for calcite, using it in elaborate objects and to decorate the tombs of the Pharaohs.
  4. Earth Element VIP:
    • Calcite was regarded as the VIP of the earth element by the ancient Egyptians, believed to cleanse the body of energy blockages and boost energy levels.

In the modern era, calcite can adapt to all four elements, much like a chameleon of minerals. Its energies and superpowers? Well, that is contingent upon its hue. Calcite therefore offers a hue for every mood, including fiery, watery, airy, and earthy.


The secret to releasing your creative and sexual energies is this calcite. It works like a magic potion to release any blockages that may be preventing positive energy from flowing throughout your body. I promise you, this stone will change your life.

Orange Calcite -
  • This Calcite boosts self-esteem and confidence by enhancing creative and sexual energies.
  • The crystal releases feel-good endorphins, contributing to a positive and uplifted mood.
  • It reflects the orange rays of the sun, creating a burst of sunshine-like energy.
  • This Calcite acts as a personal cheerleader, providing support during moments of low mood.
  • It has the ability to instantly boost one’s mood and overall sense of well-being.
  • The crystal’s association with the sun’s energy adds a warm and revitalizing quality to its properties.
  • This Calcite is a valuable companion for promoting positivity and joy in daily life.
  • It facilitates the flow of creative and sexual energies, fostering a sense of vitality and enthusiasm.
  • The crystal serves as a source of encouragement, particularly in times of emotional challenges.
  • This Calcite’s vibrant energy contributes to a more positive and uplifting internal atmosphere.

The Council advises anyone preparing to become a parent to carry a piece of this stone, especially women. It has a reputation for boosting fertility in addition to releasing sexual energy. You will quickly experience a wave of ease and transparency regarding the subject when you place it around your groin area.

NameOrange Calcite
CompositionCalcium carbonate (CaCO₃) with impurities, often containing traces of iron.
Crystal SystemHexagonal
Hardness3 on the Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent to translucent
CleavagePerfect in three directions
Specific Gravity2.71
OccurrenceFound in sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, often in limestone and marble formations.
UsesOrnamental Use: Carved into figurines, beads, and other decorative items.
Metaphysical Beliefs: Associated with energy, vitality, and creativity.



This stone is your go-to expert when it comes to the lower chakras, which are those energy hotspots associated with creativity, belonging, and our connections to the outside world. It’s the emotional stabilizer, the exterminator of anxiety and fear, and the source of your necessary energy boost.

Then, it has your back whether your goal is to enhance your romantic life or let your creativity run wild. It is prepared to kindle that fire inside of you, akin to a burst of sunshine in crystal form.

Metaphysical Properties:

The metaphysical properties of this stone are distinct due to the crystal’s dual ruling star signs, Leo and Cancer. This offers a variety of healing benefits and a blending of various energies.

Metaphysical PropertiesAssociated Zodiac Signs
EnergiesNurturing (Cancer), Expressive and Creative (Leo)
Healing BenefitsEmotional Healing, Sensitivity (Cancer), Creativity and Self-expression (Leo)
Elemental AffinityWater (Cancer), Fire (Leo)
Chakra AlignmentSacral Chakra (Cancer), Solar Plexus Chakra (Leo)
Spiritual GrowthFacilitates Emotional Balance (Cancer), Boosts Confidence and Courage (Leo)
Enhances CreativityYes (Leo)
Promotes Emotional Well-beingYes (Cancer)
Balancing EnergiesHarmonizes Water and Fire Energies
Astrological HarmonyConnects with the Moon (Cancer) and the Sun (Leo)
Overall Healing EnergyHarmonizing and Balancing Emotional and Creative Energies

Healing Properties:

It has the properties of both a strong energy amplifier and a cleanser. All of your possessions will be enhanced by the orange gemstone. Additionally, it will remove any pollution from your body and light body.

Your body will receive more positive energy from this orange gemstone. Dispelling negative energies is the outcome. It will also do the same with the people you spend time with, the things you use, and the space you live in. It will assist you in letting go of outdated thought processes, behaviors, and patterns.

CreativityBoosts energy levels, inspiring everyday life. Can be used in a vision board to supercharge and energize intentions.
Self-ExpressionIncreases self-expression and communication. Ideal for removing blocks in the Sacral Chakra, enhancing emotional and interpersonal center.
VitalityEnhances vitality, enthusiasm, zest, inspiration, and excitement. Helps overcome lethargy, idleness, and lack of motivation. Can be placed near essential oils or aromatherapy diffuser.
JoyStimulates joy and empowerment. Supports self-healing of the physical body. Use in a daily or weekly self-care plan.
LongevityIncreases longevity by improving overall mood and well-being. Emotional balance and inner harmony contribute to good health and fortune. Encourages consumption of orange foods for health.
Sexual HealingAwakens sexual life force and libido by working on the Sacral Chakra. Can soothe painful memories and sexual trauma. Use in meditation and healing massages with complementary essential oils.

Spiritual Properties:

These properties are associated with metaphysical beliefs, and individual experiences may vary.

Cleanses Auric FieldActs as a cleansing stone, shielding from psychic attacks, harmful energies, and negativity. Emotional balancing and stabilizing effects contribute to its protective nature.
Wearing OptionsWear as a pendant or crystal necklace to connect with higher mind and intuition. Choose the right option for you to enhance the protective and intuitive qualities.
Spiritual Self-DevelopmentSparks spiritual, creative, and sexual life forces essential for kundalini activation. Supports overall energy body enhancement through spiritual awakening.
Focused-Intent MeditationCommit to a lying-down meditation weekly by placing this Calcite on the Sacral Chakra. Set intentions, play healing music, and be open to receiving spiritual and creative energies.
Higher Self AwarenessStimulates energy pathways to higher chakras by unblocking emotions and energy in the Sacral. Enhances chi flow to the Solar Plexus and above. Use alongside Crown Chakra crystals like Selenite, Celestite, and Angelite for complementary support.
Soul Purpose AlignmentAligns with soul purpose and acts as a soul energizer/awakener. Leave under Lunar or Solar Eclipses for higher consciousness, self-realization, and multidimensional awareness.
Energy AmplificationAmplifies energy, enhancing hidden powers and metaphysical properties. Use affirmations alongside Orange Calcite for a focused energy boost.
Affirmation PracticeChoose or create an affirmation and recite it 5 to 10 minutes each morning with Orange Calcite. Amplifies the power of affirmations.
Evolved Empathy and Emotional IntelligenceEnhances emotional intelligence and advanced empathy by removing subtle/energetic blocks to happiness and inner balance. Charge during a full moon, especially in Water or Earth signs, to receive healing effects and reflect on lessons from the month.


This stone is a variety of calcite, and while there may not be distinct “types” in the way that different minerals have specific varieties, it can vary in appearance and properties based on factors such as impurities and crystal formations. Here are some variations and common terms associated with this stone:

1.Pale Orange:

Pale crystal improves your general mood and fosters creativity, pleasure, joy, and happiness. It balances and purifies your emotions while assisting with internal vibrational shifts.

Pale Orange calcite -

2.Bright Orange:

The benefits of Bright crystal are similar to those of the milder variety, but this stone also enhances libido and has additional healing properties. It works wonders for problems with conception and creative blockages.

Bright Orange  calcite -


With its crimson hues, Orange-Red crystal arouses passion, energy, and the desire for pleasure. Joy and excitement are prioritized over inner balance, or the calming energy that is present in only orange varieties.

Orange-Red calcite -


Orange-Yellow crystal encourages artistic and creative expression by bringing wisdom, empowerment, and elevated self-esteem. For creative people such as artists, poets, writers, speakers, and visionaries, this orange-yellow calcite is ideal!

Orange-Yellow calcite -


The qualities of translucent, or transparent, orange crystal include purification, soul-purpose alignment, spiritual growth, and enhanced self-awareness.

Translucent/Transparent calcite -

6.Brown Orange Calcite:

This Calcite variety is frequently observed in clusters, containing scaly crystals that are dark brown, gray, black, and dark orange in color. It works wonders for opening the Root and Sacral chakras.

Brown Orange Calcite -

7.Banded Orange Calcite:

This variety of calecite comes in white, yellow, orange, brown, and gray hues, much like agates. It works wonders for grounding, luck, wisdom, and balance.

Banded Orange Calcite -

8.Black Tourmaline in Orange Calcite:

With its black flecks on an orange background, this variety of orange calcite is similar to Dalmatian jasper. Use this orange calcite variety to shield yourself from curses, hexes, and negative energy.

Black Tourmaline in Orange Calcite -

9.Orange Calcite on Quartz: 

Calcite crystals resemble fuzzy orange balls on white or green quartz matrices when they form on these surfaces. They’re excellent for tranquility and plenty.

Orange Calcite on Quartz -

10.Orange Calcite with Apatite:

When Calcite forms with Apatite, you’ll notice bright orange hues mixed with dark blue. They work very well for energy amplification, mediumship, and clairvoyance.

Orange Calcite with Apatite -

Meditation with This Calcite:

This stone is an indispensable gemstone for personal hygiene. The energy-amplifying qualities of this stone remove harmful energies from your body and increase the potency of your innate abilities.

When used for meditation, It draws positive energy from the universe and makes room for it, enabling you to concentrate on constructive thoughts rather than negative ones. The effects of using this calecite extend beyond your innermost self.

Personal HygieneThis calcite is considered indispensable for personal hygiene. Its energy-amplifying qualities are believed to remove harmful energies from the body and enhance innate abilities.
Meditation AidWhen used in meditation, this calcite draws positive energy from the universe, creating space for constructive thoughts and reducing negativity. Extends effects beyond the inner self.
Realizations and WisdomPromotes realizations such as the healing power of patience and the impermanence of difficulties. Serves as a reminder that life evolves, and fretting over past or present challenges is futile.
Sense of PurposeContemplation with orange calcite can result in a revitalized sense of purpose, providing strength to face challenges. Instills courage and determination to pursue new opportunities and growth.
Creativity BoostBelieved to help individuals become more creative, connecting to artistic impulses. Encourages finding new methods to manifest thoughts into reality. Prompts reflection on true calling in life.
Encouragement for New BeginningsInspires courage and determination to pursue new opportunities. Facilitates a fresh start from various perspectives, guiding towards personal growth and the pursuit of greatness.
  1. Stimulates Creativity:
    • This calcite is believed to stimulate creativity, helping you connect with your creative impulses and find new ways to bring your ideas to life.
  2. Inspiration for Life’s Purpose:
    • Contemplating this stone may inspire you to think about your life’s real purpose and find deeper meaning in every experience, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative.

People and Relationships:

The gem calecite is essentially a miracle worker when it comes to relationships, passion, and love. I promise you that this crystal will support you, particularly in releasing psychological tension and enhancing your self-assurance regarding romantic relationships.

  1. Emotional Cleanser:
    • This calcite functions as a mild emotional cleanser, helping you feel lighter and more at ease by assisting in letting go of pent-up emotions.
  2. Burden Lifting:
    • It acts like a comforting salve for mental anguish, lifting the burden you may be carrying and showing the path to inner peace, acceptance, and personal development.
  3. Friendship Therapist:
    • This calcite serves as your therapist for friendship, instilling hope for the future and providing the willpower to overcome relationship obstacles.
  4. Motivational Coach:
    • Like a motivational coach, this calcite guides you on the path to contentment, encouraging you to pick up the pieces and move forward.
Relationship Mediator
Mediator Role
Restoring Harmony and Balance
Revitalized Self-Assurance
Guiding Melody
Support in Challenges
Path to Fulfillment

This Calcite is portrayed as a supportive and harmonizing presence in relationships, providing a fresh perspective and encouraging a journey toward fulfillment, even in the face of challenges.

Orange Calcite And Wealth:

It is a great stone for abundance and prosperity. It will encourage responsible leadership, which will make you popular with your coworkers and win you their respect.

Wealth and AbundanceThis stone is considered excellent for wealth and abundance. It promotes responsible leadership, fostering good relationships with colleagues and gaining respect from peers.
Encourages Hard WorkEncourages hard work and perseverance necessary for achieving financial goals. Infuses confidence in executing plans and staying determined despite setbacks.
Overcoming ChallengesHelps overcome financial challenges by fostering the development and integration of new ideas. Supports the formulation of new plans and attracts money and exciting opportunities.
Innovative SolutionsFacilitates the discovery of innovative solutions for current financial problems. Encourages looking at things from different perspectives, finding new ways to make money, and effective budgeting.
Business ExpansionInspires the expansion of business, improving its flow and increasing the inflow of money.
Combatting LazinessEffectively fights off laziness or procrastination, replacing inactivity or lethargy with enthusiasm and motivation.
Increased EnergyIncreases energy levels to enhance productivity, providing the necessary resources to achieve financial goals.
Goal AchievementSupports goal achievement by inspiring and motivating, ensuring that whatever is needed to reach financial goals is provided.

These qualities are linked to metaphysical convictions, and personal experiences can differ. This material gives a broad summary of the abundance and wealth-related metaphysical qualities of orange calecite.


Above all, the Sacral chakra, as well as the Base and Solar Plexus chakras, resonate with this calecite.

Chakras AffectedPhysical EffectsEmotional Effects
Sacral Chakra– Pain in the lower back– Feelings of guilt and shame around sexual matters
– Problems with reproductive organs– Lack of interest in life
– Urinary infections– Depression
– Bladder troubles– Lethargy
Use of Orange Calcite– Brings Sacral chakra into balance– Lifts mood
– Harmonizes with energies– Inspires creativity and the creation of new things, including relationships
– Reconnects with activities that bring pleasure– Facilitates joy and reconnects with activities that bring pleasure and joy


It’s also claimed that this stone supports Cancerians in developing stronger emotional and intuitive ties. For people who need an energy boost, orange calcite is a fantastic stone. It’s also supposed to support concentration, memory, and creativity. This calcite is one stone that is linked to Cancer if that’s what you’re looking for.

Crystal Therapies:

It is an effective cleanser and vigor enhancer. It will enhance your abilities and cleanse your body of all impurities, leaving you feeling lighter. This stone can help you let go of outdated behaviors, attitudes, and habits. It will facilitate the body’s natural energy flow, which will aid in the elimination of negative energy. It will also have an impact on the people you spend time with, the things you eat, and the surroundings in which you reside.

Facilitates Acceptance of Change:

  • This calcite is believed to make it easier for individuals to accept the inevitability of change. It helps in acknowledging and adapting to the changes that come with time, leading to the obsolescence of old beliefs and practices.

This gemstone will figure out how to create chances for new ideas, lifestyle choices, and other interests. Your accomplishments and each abrupt shift in your career—intentional or not—will acquire new meaning for you.


The Latin “calx” and the Ancient Greek word “chalix,” both of which mean “lime,” are the sources of the literal meaning of orange calcite. This is a reference to the fact that calcite, a mineral that forms rocks, is frequently found in sedimentary rocks like limestone, as well as metamorphic and igneous rocks all over the world.

LocationNotable Deposits
MexicoImpressive deposits, particularly in mines.
United StatesFound in various locations.
UK (United Kingdom)Present, but specific locations may vary.
BelgiumThis calcite can be found.
Czech RepublicPresence of this calcite.
SlovakiaThis calcite can be found.
PeruPresence of calcite.
IcelandLargest calcite crystal ever found, known as Iceland Spar.
Romaniacalcite can be found.
BrazilPresence of calcite.
Namibiacalcite can be found.

How To Use?

Make the area around you clean. If you feel called to, anoint the candle with your preferred oil or herb before lighting it. Invest in an calcite crystal to promote calmness and motivation.

Setting the Space for Clarity and Productivity:

  • Cleanse the area around you to create a clear and positive space.
  • Optionally, anoint the candle with your preferred oil or herb before lighting it.
  • Obtain an this calcite crystal to promote calmness and motivation.
  • Take a few deep breaths to center yourself.
  • Envision allocating time and space for tasks aligning with your soul’s path.
  • Reflect on your feelings for each task, visualizing the activity, sounds, smells, and sensations.
  • Hold onto the envisioned space, allowing these events to transpire over the upcoming weeks.
  • Keep the this calcite stone with you for an extra push towards completing tasks.

How To Cleanse?

Cleansing MethodDescription
Smudging– Recommended due to the low Mohs value, avoiding water cleansing.
– Utilize smudging with sage or other herbs to purify Orange Calcite with the fire element.
Crystal Geode– Place Calcite on a larger Amethyst or Clear Quartz geode to amplify benefits and purify from psychic pollution.
Sunlight– This Calcite benefits from sunlight but avoid prolonged exposure, as it may become brittle or fade.
– Recommended duration: 1 to 3 hours in direct sunlight for optimal effects.
Brown Rice Cleansing– Submerge this Calcite in brown rice for at least 48 hours to rid it of impurities and negative energies.
Sage Cleansing– Pass this Calcite through the smoke of burning white sage to recharge its positive energies.
Avoid Salt Cleansing– Avoid using salt for cleaning or clearing this Calcite, as the abrasive qualities of salt crystals may damage it.

Side Effects:

Potential EffectsDescription
Dissolves in Water– This Calcite is not suitable for wearing while bathing, as it can dissolve in water.
Caution with Sex Drive– May lead to hypersexuality if worn without awareness of one’s already powerful sex drive or libido.
Over-Excitement– Joy and optimism enhancing benefits may result in overexcitement, potentially leading to diminished duties and responsibilities.
Precautions– Be mindful of this Calcite’s sensitivity to water.
– Wear with awareness of personal sex drive or libido.
– Balance joy and optimism with ongoing duties and responsibilities.


Orange Calcite is renowned for its metaphysical qualities and therapeutic benefits, associated with joy, creativity, and purification. However, its ability to dissolve in water and potentially increase sex drive requires caution. Originating from Mexico to Iceland, its geological journey adds allure. Used in meditation, jewelry, or daily routines, it promotes harmony, creativity, and spiritual development, cautioning against overindulgence. Let’s embrace its energies in our path to joy, understanding, and well-being.


Q1.What is Orange Calcite, and where is it found?

This Calcite is a form of calcite, a mineral with a distinct orange hue. It can be found in various locations worldwide, including Mexico, the United States, the UK, Belgium, Iceland, and more.

Q2.What are the metaphysical properties of this Calcite?

This Calcite is believed to have diverse metaphysical properties, ranging from aura cleansing and protection to promoting creativity, joy, and spiritual growth. It is associated with the Sacral, Base, and Solar Plexus chakras.

Q3.How can this Calcite be cleansed?

Due to its sensitivity to water, it’s not advised to cleanse Orange Calcite with water. Instead, smudging with sage, placing it on crystal geodes, or exposing it to sunlight for 1 to 3 hours are recommended methods. Brown rice or sage smudging can also be used.

Q4.Can this Calcite be worn while bathing?

No, this Calcite dissolves in water, so it is not suitable for wearing while bathing.

Q5.What precautions should be taken when wearing this Calcite?

Wearing this Calcite may lead to over excitement or heightened sexual energy. It is advised to be mindful of one’s sex drive, balance joy with responsibilities, and approach its use with awareness.

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